A Thai elephant could be in your next Zoom call. (Photo: Anantara Hotels)

For US$75, you can Zoom with elephants in Thailand and help fund their care

2020-09-28 - Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Pioneering elephant welfare charity, The Human Elephant Learning Programs Foundation (H-ELP), is partnering with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation (GTAEF) to launch a global service that stars elephants in Zoom video calls live from their natural habitat in Northern Thailand’s ancient jungle.

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Channel 5 viewers were left in

Mighty Minnie! Viewers left "in tears of joy" as baby elephant who contracted a deadly disease is nursed back to health by her devoted carer who hid medicine in her fruit at Thai animal hospital

2020-09-04 - Lampang, Thailand. CLAIRE TOUREILLE

Channel 5 viewers were left in 'tears of joy' after following the fate of a baby elephant at a Thai elephant hospital last night. Two-year-old Minnie was being treated for the Elephant Herpes Virus, which can kill the animals, at the Lampang's Elephant Hospital where the show was filmed.

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A herd of elephants walks along a dirt road last week during a nearly 100-mile journey from Mae Wang to Ban Huay in northern Thailand.

Out of work from coronavirus, these elephants pack their trunks and head home

2020-05-06 - Bngkok, Thailand.

The millions thrown out of work in Thailand by the coronavirus include elephants dependent on tourist money to feed their voracious appetites. With scant numbers of foreign visitors, commercial elephant camps and sanctuaries lack funds for the animals’ upkeep and have sent more than 100 of them trudging up to nearly 100 miles back to their homes.

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A historical reenactment of King Naresuan’s elephant battle for Thai Elephant Day in Surin province.


2017-03-14 - Surin, Thailand.

Hundreds of performers and more than 50 elephants staged shows and historical re-enactments to show the importance of elephants to Surin’s history. More than 100 elephants feasted on watermelons, pineapples, bananas and jicama on tables stretching 100 meters.

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Laithongrien Meepan, owner of the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace, has called off his elephant demonstration planned for Bangkok on Monday.

Elephant protest in Bangkok cancelled

2017-03-11 - AYUTTHAYA, Thailand.

Laithongrien Meepan, owner of the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace, said he and other elephant keepers in other provinces would not rally at Government House on Monday, which is also National Elephant Day. Government authorities earlier asked them not to rally in Bangkok as it would cause traffic chaos, he said on Saturday.

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Carved ivory tusk stockpile

Thailand Seized Elephant Tusks Worth US$ Half a Million

2017-03-08 - Bangkok, Thailand.

Thai authorities said Tuesday they have seized 422 pieces of ivory elephant tusks and arrested a Gambian national suspected of smuggling the illegal wildlife product worth some 17 million baht (US$ 482,406) The 300 kilograms of tusks were seized at Thailand’s Suvarnabhumi airport late last week after customs found suspicious shipments from Malawi through Ethiopian Airlines listed as unprocessed gemstones, according to Associated Press.

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The world’s most expensive coffee, which is priced at $70 per serving, is made from elephant poo

Most expensive Black Ivory Coffee made from elephant dung

2017-03-05 - Chiang Rai, Thailand.

The world’s most expensive coffee, which is priced at $70 per serving, is made from elephant poo!Black Ivory Coffee, produced in Thailand’s Golden Triangle, a region better known for its export of opium, is made by having elephants eat the coffee beans which are mixed into a fruit mash.

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Never piss off an elephant

2017-02-13 - Bangkok, Thailand.

Elephant things are all over my desk at work. I have elephant clothes and elephant kitchen tools. I was also planning on getting an elephant bamboo tattoo while I was in Thailand, which I definitely didn´t do after this experience. I went from loving elephants, to now being terrified of them.

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The elephant

Two Phuket Livestock officials injured as elephant bolts

2017-01-23 - Phuket, Thailand.

The injuries occurred when one elephant, believed to have been spooked by another, bolted during official’s inspection of the Safari elephant camp in Saiyuan, Rawai. At 11:30am on Saturday, Capt Somkiet Sarasit of the Chalong Police was informed of an incident where an elephant had bolted at the Safari elephant camp Rawai leaving two persons injured.

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Elephant bones linked to wildlife trafficking

2017-01-04 - HUA HIN, Thailand.

A task force on wildlife trafficking has unearthed the bones of five elephants which they suspect are linked to the merging of wild animals into domestic populations. The Phaya Sua task force excavated a site in Moo Baan Chang (elephant village) after it received a tip-off that dead elephants had been buried there without the knowledge of concerned authorities.

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398 Headlines about Elephants from Thailand2020-09-28 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - For US$75, you can Zoom with elephants in Thailand and help fund their care 2020-09-04 - Lampang, Thailand - Mighty Minnie! Viewers left "in tears of joy" as baby elephant who contracted a deadly disease is nursed back to health by her devoted carer who hid medicine in her fruit at Thai animal hospital 2020-05-06 - Bngkok, Thailand - Out of work from coronavirus, these elephants pack their trunks and head home 2017-03-14 - Surin, Thailand - THAILANDS ALL ABOUT ITS ELEPHANTS TODAY 2017-03-11 - AYUTTHAYA, Thailand - Elephant protest in Bangkok cancelled 2017-03-08 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand Seized Elephant Tusks Worth US$ Half a Million 2017-03-05 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Most expensive Black Ivory Coffee made from elephant dung 2017-02-13 - Bangkok, Thailand - Never piss off an elephant 2017-01-23 - Phuket, Thailand - Two Phuket Livestock officials injured as elephant bolts 2017-01-04 - HUA HIN, Thailand - Elephant bones linked to wildlife trafficking 2016-12-19 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - New calf born at Ayutthaya elephant kraal 2016-11-08 - PATTAYA, Thailand - Thailand: Nong Nooch Garden Welcomes New Baby Elephant 2016-11-01 - Phuket, Thailand - Singapore-based Australian injured by elephant in Phuket 2016-10-23 - Chanthaburi, Thailand - Thai Baby Elephant Gets a Second Chance at Life After Being Rescued From Hunters 2016-10-10 - Lampang, Thailand - More captive elephants to be released into the wild in Lampang 2016-10-07 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephants in Thailand to have DNA registered 2016-10-03 - Lampang, Thailand - Broken tusk missing after elephant killed in bus crash 2016-10-01 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephant killed, driver badly hurt in bus crash 2016-04-07 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand Seizes 87 African Ivory Tusks Worth $800,000 2016-03-25 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephants Will Get New Artificial Legs Soon 2016-03-23 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephant Kills Longtime Mahout at Chiang Mai Zoo 2016-03-15 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Burmese Mahout Dies After Elephant Mee Sook Tramples Him at Elephant Nature Park 2015-11-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Mahouts welcome plan to take jumbos off city streets "Elephant Kingdom" project provides salaries, food in Surin 2015-11-17 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Blood Compatibility Testing in Asian Elephants Using an Indirect Antiglobulin Technique to Improve Captive Breeding Success. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 2015-11-15 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Nine injured by startled elephant at Night Safari 2015-11-06 - Lampang, Thailand - Israeli zoo donates to Thai elephant hospital with check in elephant’s trunk 2015-04-20 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand seizes smuggled elephant tusks worth $6 million 2015-04-09 - Phuket, Thailand - Elephant Nadia Forced to Quit Phuket Resort 2015-04-06 - Phuket, Thailand - Livestock officers check reports of elephant abuse on Phuket 2014-11-20 - Phuket, Thailand - Time to Ban The Big Boy Elephants on Phuket and in Phang Nga 2014-08-28 - Bangkok, Thailand - 13th King"s Cup Elephant Polo in Thailand 2014-05-06 - Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand - Thieves cut tusks off live elephant at Hutsadin Elephant Foundation 2014-01-31 - Bangkok, Thailand - Anantara Moves King"s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament to Bangkok 2013-11-16 - Surin, Thailand - Surin annual elephant round-up 2013-11-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - Royal Elephants" Stable Museum 2013-11-03 - Sukhothai, Thailand - Katherine Connor, founder Of BLES Elephant Sanctuary In Thailand Is Named "Traveler Of The Year" 2013-11-03 - Sai Yok, Thailand - Thai Police release 28 elephants to Mahawang elephant camp 2013-10-31 - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - Baby elephant not abused, young mahouts say 2013-10-31 - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - Police act on elephant abuse video 2013-10-26 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Mahouts fight against elephant ownership bill. Many say draft will not solve problem at the root; demand removal of minister 2013-10-26 - Phuket, Thailand - Baby elephant taken in by authorities after alleged smuggling to Phuket 2013-10-22 - SURAT THANI, Thailand - Elephant found dead by electric fence 2013-10-04 - Lampang, Thailand - What have you done to my elephant? 2013-09-06 - Na Jomtien, Thailand - Wildlife officials seize illegal elephant, arrest 3 in Najomtien 2013-08-21 - Phuket, Thailand - Tighter regulation coming for Phuket’s elephant camps 2013-08-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - 16 illegal elephants seized from tourist areas 2013-07-10 - Phuket, Thailand - Elephant dies at Phuket trekking camp 2013-06-28 - Phuket, Thailand - Elephant Smugglers Nabbed With Jumbos 2013-06-06 - Hua Hin, Thailand - Accused elephant killers arrested 2013-06-06 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - MSU vet school grad Erica Ward goes to Elephant Nature Park to treat elephants with bandages, but keeps silent about Tuberculosis, while claiming up to 60 percent of Thailands elephants die during training for the tourist trade? 2013-06-05 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - A statement from Sangduen Lek Chailert on behalf of Elephant Nature Park, regarding Tuberculosis at ENP. 2013-05-16 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Anantara Steps Up CSR Efforts with the Appointment of New Worldwide Conservation Director 2013-05-14 - KANCHANABURI, Thailand - Angry elephant kills mahout at Mahawang elephant camp in Kanchaburi 2013-05-11 - KAO LOOK CHANG, Thailand - Thailand animal sanctuary owner Edwin Wiek accused of violations says poachers pushed for charges 2013-05-11 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket"s Baby Elephant Stalk: Photo Special 2013-05-06 - Phang Nga, Thailand - 40 elephants suspected illegal as raids strike tourism trekking companies 2013-05-05 - Kaeng Krachan, Thailand - Elephant slaughter in Thailand: The gangs get bold 2013-04-29 - Bangkok, Thailand - Unmanned plane to help in jumbo hunt 2013-04-28 - PHETCHABURI, Thailand - White elephant hunt, 5 million baht reward 2013-04-26 - Bangkok, Thailand - PM instructs Plodprasop to monitor suspected white elephant on spot 2013-04-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - Trafficking gang "killed elephants" 2013-04-20 - Pattay, Thailand - Two Elephants fight to the death at Jomtien Elephant Park 2013-03-25 - Phetchaburi, Thailand - Guns seized in slain elephant raids 2013-03-22 - Pattaya, Thailand - Revered mahout leads celebration of Thai Elephant Day 2013-03-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - Forest elephants and whitetip sharks: PLOS ONE papers at CITES 2013-03-11 - Bangkok, Thailand - Cites "loses patience" with Thailand 2013-03-07 - Rayong, Thailand - Surin Elephant Kills Thai Wife On Rayong Beach 2013-02-24 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket hosts single-day CITES program on ivory trade 2012-12-26 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand Introduces Measures To Control Ivory Trade 2012-12-09 - Phuket, Thailand - Laguna Phuket issues statement over baby elephants 2012-11-29 - Lampang, Thailand - Two baby Phuket elephants free to go back to work 2012-11-27 - Lampang, Thailand - Most captive elephants suffering in Thailand? 2012-10-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - For "de-programmed" elephants, return to wild is a slow, costly process 2012-10-16 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Elephant Dung Coffee Among World"s Most Expensive, Exclusive 2012-10-12 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Would you pay US$50 for a cup of elephant dung coffee? 2012-09-06 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket baby elephant probe sparks raids 2012-08-26 - Lopburi, Thailand - Rare baby elephant makes history 2012-07-31 - Surin, Thailand - Elephant kills man during Thai offering ceremony 2012-05-21 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Asian Elephant Health, Reproduction and Breeding Management 2012-05-03 - Pattaya, Thailand - 35 year old Elephant gives birth at Nong Nooch Gardens 2012-05-01 - Surin, Thailand - Monk ordination on elephant-back in Surin 2012-04-08 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Plai Tawan relocated from Anantara to Elephant Reintroduction Foundation 2012-03-31 - Bangkok, Thailand - The Dark Side Of The Elephant Business 2012-03-29 - Bangkok, Thailand - Accusations fly over poor health of seized elephants in Thailand 2012-03-18 - Krabi, Thailand - Owner confesses to working elephant to death, mutilating carcass 2012-03-18 - Phuket, Thailand - 10 elephants seized from elephant camps in Phuket for inspection have NOT the same identity as that stated in their official papers. 2012-03-14 - Bangkok, Thailand - State agencies vow better safety for jumbos 2012-03-05 - Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand - Elephant in a frenzy of lust (musth) goes crazy, kills owner, then goes crazy again, chases driver, collapses, dies from heart failure. 2012-02-29 - Kanchanburi, Thailand - Elephant operators threaten blockade 2012-02-28 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket welcomes newborn elephant Pang Saifon 2012-02-28 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket News - Status of elephants under investigation 2012-02-27 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket News - Two young elephants found to be ‘illegal’ 2012-02-25 - Pattaya, Thailand - New Baby Elephant at Nong Nooch Tropical Garden 2012-02-23 - Bangkok, Thailand - Three arrested for illegally possessing elephant meat and ivory 2012-02-15 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket’s baby elephants under investigation 2012-02-14 - Surin, Thailand - Wedding on an Elephant on Valentine’s Day 2012-02-11 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket News - Three baby elephants seized in trek camp raids 2012-02-08 - , Thailand - Tiger, Elephant Parts Found in Thai Slaughterhouse Bust 2012-02-02 - Bangkok, Thailand - New ID cards planned to protect elephants 2012-02-02 - Bangkok, Thailand - New ID cards planned to protect elephants 2012-01-31 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Elephants seized in Kanchanaburi 2012-01-30 - Phuket, Thailand - ‘We’re not elephant killers’, say Phuket pair 2012-01-30 - Buri Ram, Thailand - Own an elephant in Thailand? You must register it. 2012-01-30 - Lampang, Thailand - DNA database to protect elephants 2012-01-18 - PHETCHABURI, Thailand - Assistant park chief surrenders in elephant case 2012-01-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Trench to protect wild elephants 2012-01-15 - Bangkok, Thailand - Row erupts over mystery of elephant deaths in Phetchaburi, Thailand 2012-01-05 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai elephant killed, mutilated "for restaurants" 2011-11-25 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - I"m just here tinkling the ivories: Eccentric British pianist plays piano to blind elephants at the top of Thai mountain 2011-11-21 - Surin, Thailand - Report from the Surin elephant roundup festival 19-20 November 2011-11-15 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Wangchang Ayutthaya corral set to reopen Nov 15 2011-11-01 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Thailand flooding strands elephants in Ayutthaya 2011-10-26 - Pattaya, Thailand - Emergency services and local residents help neglected elephant 2011-09-30 - Pattaya, Thailand - Thailand’s oldest elephant rescued after fall 2011-09-23 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket"s Two-Time Rampaging Elephant Free to Keep Trekking 2011-09-19 - Hua Hin, Thailand - King"s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament In Thailand Raises $100,000 For Conservation 2011-09-13 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai elephant steps on land mine in Myanmar 2011-09-04 - Bangkok, Thailand - The eyes of Thailand 2011-07-31 - Hua Hin, Thailand - Thailand: Play ball 2011-06-04 - Bangkok, Thailand - Fossils of possible new jumbo species found 2011-05-16 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Asian Elephant Health, Reproduction and Breeding Management course 2011. 2011-04-12 - Surin, Thailand - Largest online elephant database now includes more than 7000 elephants 2011-04-03 - Surat Thani, Thailand - New Rainforest Experience at Elephant Hills, Kao Sok, Thailand 2011-03-27 - Surat Thani, Thailand - Elephant rampage in Thai Khao Sok National Park leaves 1 killed & 3 injured 2011-03-13 - , Thailand - National Thai Elephant Day 2011-03-11 - Bangkok, Thailand - African elephants victims of Thai trafficking 2011-02-15 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Elephantstay Thailand: Its a boy! 2011-01-15 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Bike for Elephants in Thailand 2010-12-09 - Kandy, Thailand - Sri Lankan vets better 2010-10-21 - Kui Buri National Park , Thailand - Poachers shoot and mutilate elephant 2010-10-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand rescues nearly 100 elephants from floods 2010-09-15 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephant has foot blown up by landmine 2010-09-13 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Taiwan donates funds for elephant conservation in Thailand 2010-08-10 - Krabi, Thailand - Elephant hospital for Krabi 2010-08-05 - Lampang, Thailand - Vets treat elephant land mine victim in Lampang, Thailand 2010-07-21 - Trat, Thailand - Rare ritual performed for elephant 2010-07-17 - Bangkok, Thailand - Large shipment of illicit ivory from African elephants seized at Bangkok airport 2010-07-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - Don"t feed the elephants: Bangkok introduces fines 2010-05-31 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - New baby elephant brings luck to Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa 2010-05-31 - The Imperial Maeping Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand - Symposium on health and reproduction of Asian elephants 2010-05-24 - Lampang, Thailand - International training course on Asian Elephant Breeding and Health Management in South East Asia 2010-04-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai Authorities Seize 1.4 Tons of Ivory Husks Labeled: Printing Metal 2010-03-22 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Kraal elephants milked to feed stray calf 2010-03-08 - Bangkok, Thailand - Goring the elephant smuggling trade. Huge ivory haul found at city airport, as customs uncovers new ruse for avoiding detection 2010-03-01 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - At Bodo"s the elephant-driver"s license 2010-02-26 - Koh Lanta, Thailand - Lanta island in Krabi gets new elephant member 2010-02-25 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai customs seizes 2 tons of ivory 2010-02-23 - Bangkok, Thailand - Govt seeks removal from Cites blacklist 2010-01-17 - Phuket, Thailand - Phuket Tour Jeep Crash: One Dead, 10 Hurt 2009-12-13 - Phrae, Thailand - Elephant eaters see no shame in jumbo meal. Villagers in Phrae province sustained by pachyderms in death, as they were in life 2009-12-10 - Si Satchanalai, Thailand - I fell in love with a baby elephant (and packed my trunk to live in the jungle) 2009-12-07 - Surin, Thailand - Groundwork is set to get Elephants off of the Streets and back to Surin 2009-11-23 - Lampang, Thailand - Your morning adorable: Elephants canoodle at new Thai elephant retirement home 2009-11-17 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai police arrest African ivory traffickers 2009-10-28 - Bangkok, Thailand - Getting tough on elephant abuse 2009-10-21 - Pattaya, Thailand - ROGUE ELEPHANT GORES TODDLER AT PATTAYA FLOATING MARKET 2009-10-20 - Lampang, Thailand - Thailand sets up nursing home for elderly elephants 2009-10-20 - Phayao, Thailand - Hoe tusker wins fossil prize 2009-10-11 - Bangkok, Thailand - The Royal Elephant National Museum chronicles the role of white elephants in Thailand"s history 2009-10-03 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Ko Phraya Petch: a refuge for ferocious elephants 2009-10-03 - Phuket, Thailand - When a Phuket Elephant is Wounded in Action 2009-09-29 - Bangkok, Thailand - Climate: Five elephants & a Chinese rock star 2009-09-27 - Lampang, Thailand - Last three day at the camp.. What am I going to do in the future? 2009-09-23 - Pattaya, Thailand - Little girl born at Nongnooch Tropical Gardens 2009-09-13 - Bangkok, Thailand - Osaka Zoo wants to raise two Thai elephants 2009-09-10 - Bangkok, Thailand - City Hall plans long-term solution to roaming elephant problem 2009-09-08 - Phuket, Thailand - The Amazing Race with baby 2009-09-04 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Thai elephants painted to look like pandas after the black and white bears steal their fans 2009-08-20 - lam, Thailand - Thai elephant damages newly fitted artificial limb 2009-08-15 - Lampang, Thailand - Thai elephant hurt by mine gets artificial leg 2009-08-14 - Bangkok, Thailand - Illegal Trade in Endangered Asian Elephants Thriving Under Thai Loopholes 2009-08-14 - Bangkok, Thailand - The great elephant exodus. Video: Bangkok"s governor promises an elephant-free city by next summer. Fat chance? 2009-08-11 - Bangkok, Thailand - City Hall buys partially blind elephant Pang Bua Kham 2009-08-09 - Lampang, Thailand - Mahout training kicks off to preserve elephants 2009-07-29 - Ta Phraya, Thailand - Pang Kamlai dies 2009-06-26 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai elephants just have to grin and bear it 2009-03-25 - Chieng Mai, Thailand - Artificial insemination projects to increase elephant population 2009-03-23 - Golden Triangle, Thailand - King’s Cup Elephant Tournament. This unusual spectacle of Elephant Polo is to raise money for an Elephant Conservation Centre 2009-03-10 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - New leg for mine blast elephant 2009-02-26 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - In the hands of babes: Thai elephants’ future. A new generation of mahouts – some as young as 7, and as lightweight as 50 pounds – bend the will of the massive beast. 2009-02-20 - Bangkok, Thailand - Can jumbo elephants really paint? Intrigued by stories, naturalist Desmond Morris set out to find the truth 2009-02-02 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Abused Elephants Nestle in Thai Sanctuary, Mingle With Visitors 2009-01-17 - Bangkok, Thailand - Temperatures are coldest in a decade 2008-11-24 - Pattaya, Thailand - 2008 International Elephant Conservation and Research 2008-11-22 - Surin, Thailand - Empire of elephants 2008-11-22 - Surin, Thailand - Surin elephant round-up 2008-11-20 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - IVF elephant success 2008-11-05 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Elephants evacuated from flooded 2008-11-03 - Bangkok, Thailand - CDs used to protect crops from elephants 2008-09-16 - Lampang, Thailand - The medical inventor 2008-09-02 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - 100,000 trees for elephants! 2008-08-30 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Lending a hand 2008-08-26 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephant therapyto treat depression 2008-08-18 - Surin, Thailand - Thai mahouts ride tourist craze for elephants 2008-07-28 - NONG NUCH , Thailand - TWO ELEPHANTS ENHANCE "LARB COOKING" COMPETITION AT NONG NUCH VILLAGE 2008-06-22 - Hangchatr, Thailand - Injured elephant gets prosthetic leg. An elephant which was injured in a landmine explosion has been fitted with a prosthetic leg. 2008-06-05 - Lampang, Thailand - Injured Thai elephants find loving care at pachyderm clinic 2008-05-18 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Trunk driving - Thailand 2008-05-17 - Lampang, Thailand - Photo of Singha Khon and her second baby... 2008-05-12 - Lampang, Thailand - The Elephant Reintroduction Foundation: City elephants enjoy a guided return to nature in Lampang 2008-04-03 - Bangkok, Thailand - Art budget cut, elephant painting thrives. Matt muses about the artistic abilities of the Thai Elephant 2008-04-02 - Khao Yai , Thailand - Trees for Elephants has really started in Khao Yai 2008-04-01 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephants on parade in northern Thailand 2008-03-17 - , Thailand - Potential factors affecting semen quality in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus). 2008-03-16 - Bangkok, Thailand - Who will miss Asia’s awkward elephants? 2008-03-15 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - A national symbol in need. One day of attention each year on Thai Elephant Day is nowhere near enough to protect them from the major threats they face 2008-03-14 - Chiang Mai , Thailand - First elephant therapy for autistic children 2008-03-13 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephant Conservation in Thailand 2008-03-13 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - National Elephant Day in Thailand 2008-03-13 - Lampang, Thailand - Sampran,6, a wild bull elephant who was caught in a poachers snare is taken into captivity and has his badly infected foot x-rayed by Thai vets trying to save his life 2008-03-13 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephant Sampram doomed to crippled life 2008-03-10 - Chiang Mai , Thailand - Vacancy: Trees for Elephants campaigner 2008-03-10 - Naklua, Thailand - Enraged Elephant injures woman on Naklua Beach 2008-03-06 - Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok restaurant to give big spenders a taste of poverty 2008-03-04 - Bangkok, Thailand - Walk on the wild side, Meet "Dr Lott", wildlife vet 2008-02-28 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Giving elephants good memories 2008-02-23 - Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand - "Kind"elephant becomes victim of firepower 2008-02-22 - Pattaya, Thailand - Elephant Birth at local Park 2008-02-22 - Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand - Wild elephants kill monk on forest pilgrimage 2008-02-17 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephants a symbol of Thailand"s shame 2008-02-16 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephants and cookery 2008-02-13 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Insurance for Thai elephants on Valentine"s Day 2008-02-12 - Phuket, Thailand - Living the FantaSea 2008-02-10 - Lampang, Thailand - The National Elephant Institute in northern province of Lampang 2008-01-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - In Bangkok, It"s Attack of the Two-Ton Panhandlers 2008-01-20 - Bangkok, Thailand - Caution: Elephants Brake for Food on Bangkok’s Roads 2008-01-15 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Seasonal effects on the endocrine pattern of semi-captive female Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): timing of the anovulatory luteinizing hormone surge determines the length of the estrous cycle. 2008-01-14 - Bangkok, Thailand - Illegal elephant problems persists in Bangkok 2008-01-05 - Jomtien, Thailand - Vet called in to help an 80 year old sick Elephant in Jomtien. 2007-12-31 - Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand - Elephants block road, kill man 2007-12-24 - Surin, Thailand - Jobless and homeless, what"s a jumbo to do? 2007-12-24 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Animal lovers worried about captive elephants 2007-12-24 - Surin, Thailand - FEATURE-Fun is serious for Asian elephants" struggle to survive 2007-12-21 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Day in pictures 2007-12-17 - Surin, Thailand - Thai mahouts ride tourist craze for elephants 2007-12-16 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - No treks please! Thai tourist park is elephant haven 2007-12-06 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Thai elephant orchestra thumps to a unique beat 2007-12-04 - Surin, Thailand - Thai mahouts eager for tourists 2007-11-26 - Surin, Thailand - Thai mahouts ride tourist craze for elephants 2007-11-26 - Surin, Thailand - Faa Sai free!! 2007-11-20 - Surin, Thailand - Thailand Elephant Roundup 2007-11-19 - Lampang, Thailand - King’s Cup Elephant Polo named one of Thailand’s ‘Seven Amazing Wonders’ 2007-10-21 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Trek through Thailand, Part 4 2007-10-21 - Khao Sok National Park, Thailand - Where the Deer and the Elephants Play 2007-10-19 - Bangkok, Thailand - Hoisting the flag of Siam. The "thong chang" will fly again to honour King Chulalongkorn 2007-10-10 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - 2 elephants at Night Safari die 2007-10-08 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Old elephant kraal being rebuilt 2007-10-08 - Bangkok, Thailand - The Opening symposium on Managing the Health and Reproduction of Asian Elephant Populations in Asia. 2007-10-07 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephants in the city 2007-09-17 - Bangkok, Thailand - Broadcast: Elephant Kingdom 2007-09-08 - Bangkok, Thailand - Animal magic 2007-08-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Tighter rule soon for export of elephants 2007-08-08 - Lampang, Thailand - Her Majesty donates Bt300,000 to help baby elephant 2007-07-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - Enraged circus elephant stomps Thai man to death 2007-07-13 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Want to be an elephant trainer? 2007-07-13 - Surin, Thailand - Pachyderm parades. Elephants join the Buddhist Lent celebrations in Surin province 2007-05-25 - Pattaya, Thailand - RAMPAGING PREGNANT ELEPHANT ATTACKS TRUCK IN PATTAYA 2007-05-23 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephants banned from protest 2007-05-22 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Thai elephant sanctuary blessed with jumbo baby boom 2007-05-20 - Sublangka, Thailand - First elephant released into wild under foundation plan 2007-05-01 - Bangkok, Thailand - Israeli Yoram Ben-Hamo kidnaps Thai elephant elephant after causing car crash; threatens to harm it if police arrest him 2007-05-01 - Bangkok, Thailand - Eight Thai elephants in Australia treated well 2007-05-01 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Ayutthaya Elephant Camp Nursery third baby in three weeks 2007-04-28 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Ayutthaya Elephant camp nursery: ANOTHER GIRL! 2007-04-25 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai monks march with elephants calling for Buddhism be made the national religion 2007-04-21 - Anantara, Thailand - Put your swimming trunks on 2007-04-03 - Bangkok, Thailand - Baby elephant by artificial insemination a first 2007-04-02 - Phuket, Thailand - Thai time to return to Phuket 2007-03-17 - Bangkok, Thailand - Food shortages force jumbos out of jungles 2007-03-14 - CHIANG MAI, Thailand - Thailand lays on jumbo fruit buffet for elephants 2007-03-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - 5 men arrested for allegedly smuggling elephants into Thailand 2007-03-08 - Lampang, Thailand - Lampang hosts first artificially inseminated elephant birth in Asia. Worlds first successful artificial insemination of elephant using frozen semen. 2007-03-04 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai ex-minister to face smuggling charge 2007-03-01 - LAMPANG, Thailand - Thailand fights to save elephants 2007-02-24 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Man does 40 squat thrusts on elephant 2007-02-14 - BANGKOK, Thailand - Thai couples mark Valentine"s Day with elephant-back and cliff-side weddings 2007-02-04 - Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand - First African elephant baby born in captivity in Thailand 2007-01-30 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephants robbing sugar cane trucks in Thailand 2007-01-24 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephants in the Golden Triangle 2007-01-22 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephants in the city Chiang Mai 2007-01-17 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Urgent call for help Jungle Fund 2007-01-12 - Chachoengsao, Thailand - Elephants stop, loot trucks on dark road 2006-12-22 - AYUTTHAYA, Thailand - Elephant Santas Pass Out Presents To Children. Animals Use Trunks To Give Gifts 2006-12-19 - Kuiburi National Park, Thailand - WWF Thailand: People and elephants: which way to go? 2006-11-22 - Surin, Thailand - The World in Photos: Elephants downtown Surin 2006-11-18 - Surin, Thailand - Elephant Roundup 18-19 November 2006 in Surin Province 2006-11-18 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephant Reintroduction Foundation Blog 2006-11-09 - Bangkok, Thailand - Celebrations for Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadejs 60th anniversary 2006-10-28 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Chiang Mai trekking 2006-10-16 - Chiang Saen, Thailand - Elephant Polo: A Rumble With The Jumbos 2006-10-13 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Floods force jumbos out of submerged home 2006-10-04 - Bangkok, Thailand - Central region flood woes raise PM"s concern 2006-09-29 - Ayutthaya, Thailand - Princess enjoys 25th elephant birth at royal Kraal in Ayutthaya 2006-09-15 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Dystocia following prolonged retention of a dead fetus in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus). 2006-09-10 - CHIANG SAEN, Thailand - Polo, With a Big Difference. Rookies From D.C. Area Travel to Thailand to Vie On the Elephant Circuit 2006-09-06 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Bathe With The Elephants in Elephant Nature Park in Thailand 2006-09-04 - Chiang Saen, Thailand - Annual Elephant Polo tournament in Thailand 2006 2006-08-29 - Lampang, Thailand - Artificial insemination of elephant succeeds first time in Thailand 2006-08-22 - Bangkok, Thailand - Mr. Yongyut checks details on sending Thai elephants and Chimpanzees to China 2006-08-19 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephant polo heads for the hills 2006-08-09 - Bangkok, Thailand - Reforms urged to protect elephants in Thailand 2006-08-06 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Story update - Medo settling in 2006-08-06 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Mae Mai & Thong Bai. Unconditional Love Aug 06 2006-08-06 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephant Nature Park: Grandmother Elephant Thong Bai"s passes away 2006-08-05 - KHAO ANG RUE-NI, Thailand - Doctors use hunters" skills to track down, treat sick elephants. Veterinarians in Thailand must be patient, precise 2006-08-03 - Bangkok, Thailand - Activists to sue Thai government for "illegal" animal trade of 8 elephants exported to Australia 2006-07-31 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Thai Elephants leave for zoos in Australia, despite protest 2006-07-23 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Insemination of elephants with frozen sperm closer Group of Thai researchers say 2006-07-15 - Chanthaburi, Thailand - Stuck in the mud Thai elephant dies 2006-07-13 - KHUN SONG, Thailand - Ailing elephant rescued from the mud but can not stand 2006-07-10 - Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok street elephants "need microchip implants" says Thai veterinarian 2006-07-10 - Bangkok, Thailand - Much ado about eight elephants, says Taronga Zoo Director Guy Cooper 2006-07-07 - Bangkok, Thailand - Vet urges permanent plan to help street elephants in Bangkok 2006-07-06 - Bangkok, Thailand - Australia postpones the delivery of four koalas to Thailand 2006-07-06 - Bangkok, Thailand - Bangkok to remove begging elephants out of town 2006-07-05 - Bangkok, Thailand - Kenya and Australia suspend transfer of native animals to Thailand: Nairobi court to hear NGO"s plea; Koala deal stopped due to elephant blockade 2006-07-05 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai goods may face a boycott if problems concerning 8 elephants are not settled says WWF 2006-07-04 - Bangkok, Thailand - DNA tests on elephants up to Thailand Interior Ministry - Rally for elephants appeals to Australians 2006-07-03 - Bangkok, Thailand - No DNA tests for Thai elephants 2006-07-02 - Bangkok, Thailand - Friends of the Asian Elephant to ask Australian embassy in Bangkok to halt Thai elephant deal 2006-06-30 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - New flight plan for elephants, Thailand has agreed to export them quickly 2006-06-28 - BANGKOK, Thailand - NGO blocks shipment of elephants from Thailand to Australia 2006-06-26 - Chiang Rai, Thailand - Thai Mahouts exploit animated film 2006-06-24 - Bangkok, Thailand - Its tough for an elephant baby in the concrete jungle of Bangkok 2006-06-22 - AYUTTHAYA, Thailand - World Cup inspires a soccer match pitting man against elephants in Thailand 2006-06-20 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Aussie-bound elephants still in limbo in Thailand 2006-06-11 - Lampang, Thailand - Elephant baby of Mogae-Grey Stepped On Landmine in Thailand 2006-06-08 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Protest against shipping puts elephants "under stress" 2006-05-29 - Lampang, Thailand - Manguay-Lowin in the Elephant Hospital Lampang euthanized after collaps 2006-01-23 - Lampang, Thailand - ELEPHANTS IN MAETANG SANCTUARY HAVE FALLEN ILL WITH CONSTIPATION 2006-01-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai government, UN to issue elephant care handbook 2006-01-04 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - B700m elephant park for Doi-Pui, New project in national park draws critics" fire 2005-12-31 - Surin, Thailand - Bring the Elephant HOME Education Tour Starts 2005-12-23 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - New Baby elephant in Mae Sa elephant camp in Chiang Mai 2005-12-09 - Mae Ping, Thailand - The elephant whisperer: A haven for mistreated animals 2005-12-09 - Mae Ping, Thailand - Sangduen "Lek" Chailert, the elephant whisperer founded Elephant nature park, a haven for mistreated elephants in Thailand 2005-10-25 - Bangkok, Thailand - ASEAN countries pave way for worlds largest wildlife law enforcement network 2005-10-12 - Lampang, Thailand - Landmine maims 2 elephants 2005-09-26 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephants, birds, cable cars to join Chiang Mai safari 2005-09-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - On conservation and elephants- With the future status of the Dong Payayen/Khao Yai forest complex in doubt, how are we to protect our elephants? 2005-09-19 - BANGKOK, Thailand - Wanted: Homes for Thai Elephants 2005-09-11 - Hua Hin, Thailand - Scots Win Hua Hin Elephant Polo Tournament 2005 2005-08-25 - Khao Yai, Thailand - Home to more than 800 species of wildlife, the Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex has substantial tropical forest ecosystems to provide a viable habitat for the long-term survival of these species 2005-07-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephants prove they have close Thais to art 2005-07-21 - Bangkok, Thailand - Elephants stay put as fight continues 2005-05-08 - Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand - High-tech solution to urban elephants in Thailand 2005-04-26 - SURAT THANI, Thailand - Fears for elephants as encroachment continues 2005-04-17 - Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand - Farmers call for electric shock treatment for elephants 2005-04-14 - Khao Yai, Thailand - The raging bulls of Khao Yai 2005-03-28 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai PM dragged into row over zoo elephant exports 2005-03-24 - Sukhothai, Thailand - SUKHOTHAIBUAT CHANG HAD SIAO FESTIVAL, Procession of monks, elephants 2005-02-20 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai Elephant art into Guinnes book of records 2005-01-26 - Lampang, Thailand - The Valentine"s Day Wedding Ceremony on Elephant-back Thai Elephant Conservation Center Hangchat, Lampang, Thailand 2005-01-21 - Phuket, Thailand - Elephants, mahouts without work, income 2005-01-20 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Elephants of the Maesa Camp are turning out realistic art 2005-01-20 - Bangkok, Thailand - MEET Diew the elephant - the world"s first potty-trained pachyderm. 2005-01-18 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Chiang Mai night safari park, New zoo will open for Songkran 2005-01-16 - CHIANG MAI, Thailand - World’s biggest night safari to open on Songkran holiday 2005-01-06 - Khao Lak, Thailand - CRYING ELEPHANTS �PREDICTED� TSUNAMI 2005-01-06 - KHAO LAK, Thailand - Elephants Saved Tourists from Tsunami 2005-01-04 - Khao Lak, Thailand - Elephants finding forgotten Thais 2005-01-03 - KHAO LAK, Thailand - Crying elephants save tourists at beach resort 2005-01-03 - Fang Nga, Thailand - Elephants lend a trunk for Tsunami victims 2005-01-02 - PHUKET, Thailand - "Alexander" elephants join Thai search for bodies 2005-01-01 - Phuket, Thailand - Thai officials turn to "cadaver elephants" 2004-12-18 - Bangkok, Thailand - Poaching Pachyderms Ambush Food Trucks in Eastern Thailand 2004-11-22 - PRACHUAP KHIRI KHAN, Thailand - Drought pushes wild elephants into pineapple fields 2004-10-23 - BANGKOK, Thailand - A Saviour for Asian Elephants 2004-10-23 - SURIN, Thailand - Surin prepares fruit buffet for over 300 elephants 2004-10-15 - San Francisco, Thailand - All for love Couple trumpet plight of Thailand"s domestic elephants. 2004-10-14 - Bangkok, Thailand - 14th CITES conference finished in Bangkok: CITES takes action to promote sustainable wildlife management and combat illegal trade 2004-10-14 - CHIANG MAI, Thailand - Riding the elephants on a trip back through time 2004-10-14 - BANGKOK, Thailand - Vets in Thailand Pull Aching Tusk 2004-10-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - Southafrica Votes to Lift 20 year Global Ivory Ban 2004-10-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - Whales, Elephants Saved From Commercial Killers 2004-10-12 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thais Face Jumbo Dilemma in Conserving Elephants 2004-10-11 - BANGKOK, Thailand - China Seen as Biggest Driver of Ivory Market 2004-10-11 - Bangkok, Thailand - CITES RESOLUTE-NO IVORY TRADE 2004-10-09 - Chiang mai, Thailand - Elephant encounter in Chiangmai 2004-10-08 - BANGKOK, Thailand - Plan for African Ivory Markets A Victory for Elephants, Says World Wildlife Fund 2004-10-07 - Bangkok, Thailand - Kenya says ivory sales endanger poacher hunters 2004-10-07 - Bangkok, Thailand - Khao Yai gets SE Asia"s first wildlife protection training centre 2004-10-06 - BANGKOK, Thailand - Ivory from extinct mammoths in big demand 2004-10-05 - BANGKOK, Thailand - EU opposes whaling, undecided on ivory at CITES 2004-10-05 - Hua Hin, Thailand - Whacky polo tees off jumbo fun 2004-10-02 - Bangkok, Thailand - 13th CITES meeting kicks off 2004-10-01 - BANGKOK, Thailand - Thailand"s legal ivory trade a smokescreen for smuggled African tusks 2004-10-01 - Bangkok, Thailand - NGOs accuse Thai politicians of involvement in wildlife trade 2004-09-27 - Bangkok, Thailand - Surin rally to raise funds for elephants 2004-09-23 - Thailand, Thailand - Jen saves child from elephant 2004-01-18 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand - Patent for elephant denture 2004-01-07 - Bangkok, Thailand - Toothless elephant gets set of dentures 2003-12-16 - Bangkok, Thailand - Asian Elephant Insemination Plan. Researchers Hope To Boost Dwindling Global Population 2003-10-02 - Chiang Mai, Thailand - Two new arrivals at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand 2003-09-21 - Hua Hin, Thailand - Scotland have lost 5-3 against Germany in the elephant polo world cup final. 2003-09-12 - Pattaya, Thailand - Local Personalities: former elephant keeper Martin Smith 2002-10-17 - Chiang mai, Thailand - Reporter"s Notebook: Elephants Heal at Thai "Heaven" 2002-09-11 - Bangkok, Thailand - Thai Elephant Orchestra

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Future elephant conferences, courses, events, jobs, films and workshops2020-10-26 until 2020-11-05 Event in Mysore: Mysuru Dasara

Mysuru Dasara

2020-10-26 - Mysore, India.

Mysuru Dasara is the “Nadahabba” or the State-Festival of Karnataka. With fairs, cultural events, dance performances and musical concerts, the ten-day festival is celebrated with pomp and pageantr...

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Baby elephant rescued from pond in southwest China

2020-10-20 - Pu'er City, China.

A baby Asian elephant was rescued on October 17 after it got trapped in a pond in Pu'er City, Yunnan Province. Forest service center staff members discovered the elephant at around 22:30. After freein...

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Cover Story: Death Follows as People Push Into Elephant Enclave

2020-10-19 - Xishuangbanna, China.

Xishuangbanna, the southern-most prefecture in China's Yunnan province, is known as a safe haven for wild Asian elephants where hundreds of the giant animals live in the sprawling tropical rainforests...

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Big tuskers arrive in Eastern Cape

2020-10-19 - Makhanda, South Africa. GUY ROGERS

Two elephants from Tembe Elephant Park in KwaZulu-Natal have arrived at Buffalo Kloof near Makhanda as part of a project to secure their big tusker genetics.

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Extern Link Read about mentioned elephants in the Elephant Database (external link which opens in new window)

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Two female pachyderms, 25 rangers help to relocate Kuala Krai wild elephant

2020-10-18 - Kuala Krai, Malaysia. Sharifah Mahsinah Abdullah

A 2.5-tonne wild male elephant, caught yesterday after it entered a village presumably in search of food, has been relocated to the Kelantan National Park in Kuala Koh. 25 rangers were involved in the...

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Extern Link Read about mentioned elephant in the Elephant Database (external link which opens in new window)

Extern Link Read about Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Education Centre in the Elephant Database (external link which opens in new window)

Elephant Lakshmi dies in Mukoodal

2020-10-18 - Tirunveli, India.

A 54-year-old female elephant, Lakshmi, died at Mukoodal in the district on Sunday. The elephant was owned by one Dawood Meeran (50) of Ravanasamudram, near Ambasamudram, for the last five years. On S...

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Nandankanan Zoological Park finds adoption therapy

2020-10-18 - Bhubaneswar, India. Sudarsan Maharana

Elephant at Rs 2.5 lakh is the costliest species for adoption for a year. A State PSU like Odisha Mining Corporation has adopted 17 animals at a cost of Rs 16 lakh which include two Indian elephants a...

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Man-elephant conflicts have risen over the years due to the shrinking habitat of the tuskers, argue some experts.

Lift ban on elephant catching to curb man-jumbo conflict- Wildlife experts

2020-10-17 - Lucknow, India.

The rapidly rising graph of man-animal conflicts and consequent fatalities have not only left UP’s wildlife experts but also lone elephant catcher Kamaal Sheikh, worried. Expressing concern over the...

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Zoo Miami elephant Ongard treated after injuring tusk

2020-10-16 - Miami, United States.

The 10-year-old pachyderm “volunteered” to have his injury checked out and was very cooperative during the procedure, doctors said. Ongard will undergo treatment as soon as his results are back. Z...

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Deaths signal the return of tuberculosis among captive elephants in Chitwan

2020-10-16 - Kathmandu, Nepal. Chandan Kumar Mandal

Captive elephants of Chitwan National Park have once again started dying from tuberculosis, bringing back the memories of deaths among elephants due to TB at a worrying rate. Three domestic elephants ...

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Recommendations for TB in Elephants in Human Care
A 35-year-old elephant being radio-collared in Haridwar forest division in Uttarakhand

First elephant radio-collared in Uttarakhand with eye on Maha Kumbh 2021

2020-10-15 - Dehradun, India.

Population has increased in the state and so have man-elephant conflicts. In June, according to the elephant census conducted earlier this year, the numbers of the elephants in the state had reached 2...

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TRAFFIC launches Elephant Trade Information System Online

2020-10-15 - Geneva, Switzerland.

The new website, named ETIS Online, was produced following a request made at the 69th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee in 2017. The site aims to bolster the collection of data on seizures invol...

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Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS) Online

Tamed elephant Rajendra dies after being attacked by wild elephant in Kodagu"s Mathigodu Elephant Camp

2020-10-15 - Gonikoppa, India. Naina J A

The tamed elephants were left to graze in the forest on Tuesday night. The mahouts and kavaids spotted a severely injured Rajendra the next morning when they left for the forest to get the elephants b...

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Ivory Coast without ivory? Elephant populations are declining rapidly in Côte d"Ivoire

2020-10-14 - , Ivory Coast.

Recent years have witnessed a widespread and catastrophic decline in the number of forest elephants in protected areas in Côte d'Ivoire, according to a study published October 14 in the open-access j...

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Ivory Coast without ivory: Massive extinction of African forest elephants in Côte d’Ivoire
Jai Dee was only three years old

Taronga Zoo’s Beloved Baby Elephant Jai Dee Has Sadly Passed Away

2020-10-14 - Sydney, Australia. Krisinda Merhi

Jai Dee started to show signs of abdominal pain Monday morning and was quickly treated. By midday, Jai Dee was displaying normal behaviour and was monitored closely by keepers and veterinarians, but u...

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Baba Ramdev falls off elephant while doing Yoga, escapes unhurt

2020-10-13 - New Delhi, India. Mukesh Ranjan

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday fell on the ground while performing Yoga asanas. Yoga Guru was sitting atop a well-decorate elephant and performing Yoga asanas at the Guru Shardananda Ashram. But, as...

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This is where she was born, where she grew up, and what she is used to accept as her home.

Happy Birthday! Pregolja in Kaliningrad Zoo is 50 years old. An older elephant with a mixed life.

2020-10-12 - Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.

We dont know if she will get any presents. Lets just hope, that there is a dedicated elephant keeper there, who will try to make her happier today, than usually. Lets also hope that this keeper actua...

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41st Annual Conference Will be Virtual and Free to All EMA Members

2020-10-12 - Houston, United States. Elephant Managers Association

For the first time, EMA will host our annual conference virtually, free to all members! EMA will host the EMA virtual conference the same week as previously scheduled via Zoom

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41st Annual Conference Will be Virtual and Free to All EMA Members

The Circus Was Born in Putnam County

2020-10-10 - New York, United States.

The Putnam County Historian’s Office, in partnership with Southeast Museum, recently created a virtual exhibit called Historic Putnam County & the Birth of the American Circus from the early days of...

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Seth B. Howes

Vikram finishes weight test in 20 minutes

2020-10-10 - Mysore, India.

Dasara elephant Vikrama continued to train for the arduous task of carrying 750-kg golden howdah at Mysuru Palace for the second day on Friday. On Thursday, a sand-bag weighing 350 kg was tied to Vikr...

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