Rogue tusker injures two elephants in zoo

2016-11-26 - Bhubaneswar, India.

A rogue tusker, which had strayed from the adjoining Chandaka wildlife sanctuary, wreaked havoc in the elephant safari at Nandankanan zoo here, injuring two resident elephants on Thursday night. The two injured elephants are Basanti and Chandan - one female and the other a male. The tusker entered the safari through a gap in the fencing.

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Wild jumbo intrudes into zoo, attacks two inmates

2016-11-25 - Bhubaneswar, India.

A wild elephant destroyed 20 feet of the boundary wall of Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP) in the wee hours of Friday and attacked two elephants at the zoo. According to sources, the security personnel at NZP were able to scare away the animal using lights and noise makers. Two zoo elephants – Chandan and Basanti –sustained minor injuries in the attack.

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An Australian man living in Singapore was injured by an elephant in Phuket. Elephants are a big part of Thailand

Singapore-based Australian injured by elephant in Phuket

2016-11-01 - Phuket, Thailand.

An Australian man who is a resident of Singapore was injured by an elephant in Thailand´s Phuket island on Monday, say local officials. The incident happened on Mai Khao beach on the northern end of the island. The injured man, who is warded at Bangkok Hospital on the resort island, is currently in a stable condition, Mr Sarawut Sisakukam, chief of Mai Khao sub-district administrative organisation, told The Straits Times on Tuesday night. Officials did not name the man.

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A male elephant, 8, is killed after being hit by an interprovincial bus in Hang Chat district, Lampang province, on late Friday night. The bus driver was badly hurt while other passengers were unhurt.

Elephant killed, driver badly hurt in bus crash

2016-10-01 - Lampang, Thailand.

A male elephant was killed and a man badly hurt when an inter provincial bus rammed into it in Hang Chat district late Friday night. All passengers on board the bus were unhurt.

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Zurich firemen use crane to haul old elephant to her feet

2016-04-21 - Zuerich, Switzerland.

Druk, the oldest of the zoos elephants, found herself on the ground after a tussle with other members of the herd, the zoo said in a statement. Seeing that the elderly elephant didnt have the energy to stand up by herself, zookeepers called on Zurich city fire service to help.

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Elephant Falls Into Ditch At Tea Plantation In India, Rescued By Excavator And Locals (VIDEO)

2011-11-13 - New Delhi, India.

This elephant tumbled into a hole while walking in a tea plantation in India, according to the video. The animal struggles to get off its back to no avail, as a crowd gathers and attempts to help. In what appears to be a last-ditch effort, some locals bring in an excavator to dig out the elephant and give it a few friendly pushes.

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Jumbos hit by trains: When will these tragedies end?

2011-11-13 - Colombo, Sri Lanka. Kumudini Hettiarachchi

One is dead and will more follow, for three elephants have been mowed down by the Colombo Fort-Omanthai mail train at the 97.5 milepost between Galgamuwa and Ambanpola at about 3 a.m. last Tuesday. Ironically this is not the first but the third time that elephants have been knocked down at the same location. It was in June this year that three gentle giants died an agonising death after being hit by a special train carrying Poson pilgrims. A few years prior to that another three were killed prac...

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Firefighters rescue trapped elephant

2011-02-12 - Kent, United Kingdom.

Firefighters faced a jumbo problem when they were called to rescue and elephant at Howletts Wild Animal Park. One of the Park’s elephants collapsed in its bedroom and needed help getting to its feet. Umna, a 13-year-old African Elephant, was trapped on her side at the park in Bekesbourne Lane, Bekesbourne, after becoming ill with colic.

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Villagers look at the body of an elephant near a railway track in Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary on the outskirts of Guwahati in Assam.

Two elephants die in train accident, one gives birth

2010-03-02 - Guwahati, India.

The female elephant was one of two knocked down by a train. The other elephant which was pregnant was seriously injured. It gave birth after the accident. The baby was rescued by forest guards and sent to the Guwahati Zoo for treatment.

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Elephant escapes from circus area, tramples girl

2010-01-25 - Muarojambi, Indonesia. The Jarkarta Post

A tamed elephant has escaped from a circus arena in Kumpeh Kasang village in the Jambi regency of Muarojambi, injuring a 10-year-old girl, Antara state news agency reported on Monday. Spokesman for the Jambi police Adj. Sr. Comr. Alhansyah said the elephant stepped on Maya, breaking the young spectator's left leg. Another spectator was sustained slight injurires after he fell to the ground during the commotion, Alhansyah added. The two victims were admitted to Raden Mataher Hospital in Jambi cit...

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Experienced elephant keeper

2021-03-01 - Blackpool, United Kingdom.

With its new multi-million-pound elephant facility ‘Project Elephant Basecamp’ opened in 2018 award winning Blackpool Zoo is currently looking to fill a keeper position within its Elephant Section...

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Wendy the elephant lived at Bristol Zoo Gardens until 2002

Bristol Zoo to close

2021-02-28 - Bristol, United Kingdom.

Earlier this week, Bristol Zoo announced plans to turn its car park into housing. This came after the Bristol Zoological Society announced at the end of November the closure of its Clifton site, with ...

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Thermal camera in operation at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

How 30,000 elephant "selfies" will help in conservation

2021-02-26 - Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Zoo keepers have compiled the world's largest collection of thermal images of elephants. The pictures show elephants in every pose as they play, eat and hang out in their enclosure at ZSL Whipsnade Zo...

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Man was cleaning stables when he was hit by female, knocking his head against bars of enclosure

Elephant kills Spanish zookeeper with one hit from trunk.

2021-02-26 - Santander, Spain.

The female elephant weighing around 4,000kg (8,800lb) hit the 44-year-old with her trunk on Wednesday morning at the Cabarceno Natural Park near the northern city of Santander, the zoo said. The man w...

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Madras High Court calls for policy to prohibit future ownership of Elephants by private individuals, temples; seeks State response

2021-02-23 - Madras, India.

The Madras High Court on Tuesday opined that a uniform policy should be put in place to completely prohibit future ownership of elephants by individuals or temples and to bring all elephants under the...

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First million-year-old DNA extracted from Siberian mammoth teeth

2021-02-17 - Stockholm, Sweden.

For the first time, preserved DNA has been recovered from animal remains over a million years old. The DNA belonged to two mammoths that lived around 1.2 million years ago. “Instead of there being o...

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 A view of the elephant training centre in Konni that houses the elephant museum. The museum will be opened on February 19.

Konni: Full-scale museum will showcase the unique relationship between humans, elephants

2021-02-09 - Pathanamthitta, India.

The building that houses the museum, which was originally opened in 2006 by displaying an elephant skeleton and implements associated with the training of captive elephants, was awaiting renovation fo...

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‘Andal’ and ‘Premi’ from Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple in Srirangam

Elephants begin journey to Thekkampatti for 48-day retreat

2021-02-08 - Thekkampatti, India.

Elephants from temples across Tamil Nadu began to descend on Sunday morning for the 48-day jumbo retreat at Thekkampatti camp on the banks of river Bhavani in Coimbatore. A pet project of former Chief...

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Dudhwa Tiger Reserve Invites People to Name Newborn Elephant, Announces ‘Surprise Gift’

2021-02-08 - Salukapur, India.

The calf was born on February 3, more than two years after 10 elephants were translocated from Karnataka to Dudhwa tiger reserve's South Sonaripur range. Teresa is the first cow to conceive after the ...

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Study suggests how elephants became big and cancer-resistant

2021-02-08 - Buffalo, United States.

Though many elephant relatives harbor extra copies of tumor-suppressor genes, the scientists found that elephant genomes possess some unique duplications that may contribute to tumor suppression throu...

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Rajasthan Govt Orders Removal Of 20 Medically Unfit Elephants From Tourist Rides At Amer Fort

2021-02-08 - Jaipur , India.

The Rajasthan Government on Monday ordered the removal of 20 medically unfit elephants from tourist rides at Amer Fort in Jaipur. 3 elephants had tested positive for tuberculosis (TB), 11 elephants ha...

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A Unique 125,000-Year-Old Elephant Fossil Found

2021-02-06 - Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

Two brothers living in England and interested in fossil hunting as an amateur found a fossil on the beach of Isle of Wight. While this fossil is thought to be an elephant fossil dating back 125,000 ye...

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Baby elephant born in North Sumatra"s Tangkahan CRU

2021-02-04 - Medan, Indonesia.

A 35-year-old elephant, named "Sari," gave birth to this female calf, weighing 69 kilograms and 108 centimeters in height, in the Tangkahan Conservation Response Unit (CRU), Mount Leuser National Park...

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The photo of Aameena trying to wake up her dead mother was a heart-wrenching sight for all.

Elephant calf found near dead mother befriends all at rehab home

2021-01-30 - Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Aameena, the wild elephant calf found near its deceased mother elephant at Kallar has been shifted to Kottoor elephant rehabilitation centre. The calf calf easily got adjusted to her new home. The mot...

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Sri Lanka to conduct elephant census after 10 years

2021-01-26 - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s Department of Wildlife Conservation will conduct an island-wide elephant census this year after a decade to determine the exact number of the animals in the country, local media reported...

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Last trumpet for Thula Thula’s Frankie

2021-01-26 - Empangeni, South Africa.

STAFF, medical teams and anti-poaching personnel at Thula Thula Private Game Reserve are mourning the passing of their beloved matriarch elephant, Frankie, one of seven elephants that arrived at the p...

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Horowpothana Holding Ground report: Search for missing elephants in July

2021-01-19 - Colombo, Sri Lanka. Pamodi Waravita

The Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) would be conducting an investigation at the Horowpothana Elephant Holding Ground (HEHG) in July this year on the circumstances claimed in the National Aud...

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Video of an Elephant Massaging a Woman with its Trunk Goes Viral

2021-01-18 - New Delhi, India.

In the video, one can clearly see the woman lying comfortably on a low bed as the elephant is standing near her and massaging her back. The video was shared by a Twitter user named Aamir on Saturday (...

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During the pandemic, elephants take a break in Myanmar

2021-01-18 - Taikyi , Myanmar. ZON PANN PWINT

As beaches, hotels, pagodas and even walking tours were starved of tourists for most of last year, the pandemic has also taken its toll on the nation’s many elephant camps – which were once a popu...

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2021-01-18 - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

On Monday (18) locals from Walsapugala, Hambantota decided to take to the streets demanding the Proposed Wild Elephant Management Reserve in Hambantota, be included in the government gazette. The Wals...

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