2015-04-09 - Dublin, Ireland

From baby elephants to amateur cooks, there´s plenty to watch tonight! The Zoo – RTÉ One (7.00pm) The series is back to showcase the daily occurrences and major events happening at Dublin Zoo, including the arrival of three elephant calves.

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51 Headlines about elephants from the latest 30 days2020-09-17 - Uda Walawe, Sri Lanka - Uda Walawe’s iconic elephant Rambo to be translocated 2020-09-16 - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Online misinformation follows rare sighting of baby elephant twins in Sri Lanka 2020-09-14 - Udhagamandalam, India - Driver fined Rs 5,000 for chasing wild elephant 2020-09-14 - Coimbatore, India - Kumki elephants to help capture injured tusker 2020-09-14 - Nanyuki, Kenya - How do giraffes and elephants alter the African Savanna landscape? 2020-09-13 - Coimbatore, India - Forest dept forms committee to protect wild elephants 2020-09-13 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa - Much-loved elephant bull Tembe dies in Addo Elephant Park 2020-09-13 - Erin, United States - Today in Elephant History: Sept. 13 2020-09-13 - Sabi Sands, South Africa - Baby elephant takes a nap 2020-09-12 - Maasai Mara, Kenya - Young injured elephant in Maasai Mara treated by vet 2020-09-12 - Dharmasthala, India - Meet Shivani: Baby elephant enjoys playing with water during her naming ceremony in Karnataka 2020-09-11 - , Burundi - Rare Sighting Of Forest Elephants From Guinea Brings Renewed Hope For Elephant Conservation In Liberia 2020-09-11 - Abidjan, Ivory Coast - Ivory Coast relocates elephants to save dwindling population 2020-09-10 - Nairobi, Kenya - 2020-09-10 - Chennai, India - [VIDEO] Elephant found with suspected gunshot wounds in Tamil Nadu 2020-09-10 - Mysore, India - Forest Department Begins Selection Process Of Dasara Elephants 2020-09-10 - Kolkata, India - Minister holds meet on man-elephant conflict 2020-09-10 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Elephant News website is repaired and working! 2020-09-10 - Westtown, N.Y., United States - Asian elephant Fritha in Dawn Animal Agency has died, 49 years old 2020-09-09 - Bengaluru, India - Another elephant found dead in Kerala with severe injuries in its mouth 2020-09-09 - Milwaukee, United States - Milwaukee County Zoo shows off recently-expanded African elephant herd 2020-09-09 - Istanbul, Turkey - Giraffe, rhino fossils discovered in Turkey"s Kayseri 2020-09-09 - Mysore, India - Rise in elephant population at Bandipur Tiger Reserve 2020-09-09 - Tucson, United States - Tucson"s playful baby elephant now weighs 600 pounds and is glued to sister Nandi 2020-09-08 - Memphis, United States - North America’s oldest elephant dies after dramatic decline in health 2020-09-07 - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Responding to decision to move Dep. of Zoological Gardens under Ministry of Tourism 2020-09-07 - Ipoh, Malaysia - After 30 years, elephants continue to be saved by Perhilitan"s National Elephant Conservation Centre Kuala Gandah 2020-09-07 - , India - Tamil Nadu probes mysterious elephant deaths 2020-09-06 - Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka - wildlife officials have rescued a baby elephant that had fallen into a muddy swamp 2020-09-06 - Islamabad, Pakistan - Pakistan"s Lone Elephant Prepared for Move To Cambodia 2020-09-04 - Harare, Zimbabwe - Bacteria behind mass elephant deaths 2020-09-04 - Lampang, Thailand - Mighty Minnie! Viewers left "in tears of joy" as baby elephant who contracted a deadly disease is nursed back to health by her devoted carer who hid medicine in her fruit at Thai animal hospital 2020-09-04 - Portland, United States - Captive elephants can spread tuberculosis to humans—"an issue that’s been ignored" 2020-09-04 - Gaborone, Botswana - Botswana registers no new elephant deaths since June 2020-09-04 - Mexico City, Mexico - Mexico City’s new airport site becomes ‘mammoth central’ 2020-09-03 - , India - 7-month-old rescued elephant calf finds a mother in Champakali 2020-09-03 - Washington, United States - Once seen as loners, male elephants shown to follow elders 2020-09-02 - BHUBANESWAR, India - 19 kg elephant tusks seized in Odisha"s Keonjhar, 3 traders held 2020-09-02 - Thanh Son, Vietnam - Elephant gives birth on farm 2020-09-02 - Harare, Zimbabwe - Number of elephants found mysteriously killed in Zimbabwe doubles to 22 as scientists continue to try to discover why they are dying 2020-09-01 - Maun, Botswana - Botswana elephant sanctuary owner Doug Groves dies after being trampled in the wild 2020-09-01 - New York, United States - American Mastodon Mitochondrial Genomes Reveal Multiple Lineages 2020-08-30 - Kolkata, India - Jumbo gives birth to male elephant 2020-08-28 - Bangalore, India - Bengaluru Zoo Names Elephant Calf After Infosys’ Sudha Murthy 2020-08-26 - , Nepal - Nepal: Newly issued 1,000-rupee banknotes include depiction of twin Asian elephants 2020-08-26 - Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw zoo will give elephants marijuana to measure stress levels 2020-08-25 - Tokyo, Japan - Athi an Asian elephant bull, at Ueno Zoo is dead 2020-08-24 - Tsavo, Kenya - Adorable video of 1-day-old baby elephant following his mother goes viral. Internet is in love 2020-08-23 - Baripada, India - Sick Elephant Calf Rescued In Odisha’s Mayurbhanj 2020-08-23 - , Hungary - TikTok fame: From Elephant Boy"s circus tricks to a Chinese teacher 2020-08-22 - St. Louis, United States - Birth defects contributed to death of Saint Louis Zoo"s baby elephant Avi
Future elephant conferences, courses, events, jobs, films and workshops2020-09-10 until 2020-09-30 Website in Phnom Penh: Elephant News website is repaired and working! 2020-09-22 until 2020-09-28 Event in Houston: EMA Virtual 5K for Elephant Appreciation Day 2020-10-12 until 2020-10-16 Conference in Houston: 41st Annual Conference Will be Virtual and Free to All EMA Members

41st Annual Conference Will be Virtual and Free to All EMA Members

2020-10-12 - Houston, United States. Elephant Managers Association

For the first time, EMA will host our annual conference virtually, free to all members! EMA will host the EMA virtual conference the same week as previously scheduled via Zoom

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EMA Virtual 5K for Elephant Appreciation Day

2020-09-22 - Houston, United States. Elephant Managers Association (EMA)

Join the herd! Walk, bike, swim, or hike in honor of elephants around the world on Elephant Appreciation Day, September 22, 2020. By signing up for this virtual 5K event, proceeds will go to the EMA t...

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Uda Walawe’s iconic elephant Rambo to be translocated

2020-09-17 - Uda Walawe, Sri Lanka. Srilal Mithapala

There is reliable information coming through that the iconic elephant of Uda Walawe, Rambo, may be captured and translocated to a holding ground by the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC). (poli...

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Online misinformation follows rare sighting of baby elephant twins in Sri Lanka

2020-09-16 - Colombo, Sri Lanka.

After the rare sighting of twin elephant calves in Sri Lanka in July 2020, misleading claims and old photographs have circulated on Facebook. Some posts falsely claim the Sri Lankan pair were the firs...

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Driver fined Rs 5,000 for chasing wild elephant

2020-09-14 - Udhagamandalam, India.

When they shot the video of chasing a wild elephant in a jeep and circulated the same on WhatsApp, little did 26-year-old Sujin, of Masinagudi, and his friend know that would land them in trouble. The...

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Kumki elephants to help capture injured tusker

2020-09-14 - Coimbatore, India.

The forest department brought kumki elephant Suyambu to Mettupalayam forest range from the Chadivayal elephant camp on Sunday and is planning to bring kumki Venkatesh on Monday to capture an injured t...

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How do giraffes and elephants alter the African Savanna landscape?

2020-09-14 - Nanyuki, Kenya. Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI)

As they roam around the African savanna in search for food, giraffes and elephants alter the diversity and richness of its vegetation. By studying the foraging patterns of these megaherbivores across ...

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Forest dept forms committee to protect wild elephants

2020-09-13 - Coimbatore, India.

Additional principal chief conservator of forests I Anwardeen has formed a technical advisory committee to protect wild elephants and to check human-elephant conflict in Coimbatore circle.
The com...

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Tembe, a northern KZN elephant, stood head and shoulders above his new friends in Addo.

Much-loved elephant bull Tembe dies in Addo Elephant Park

2020-09-13 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Conservative staff didn’t pick up on his collar’s signal earlier this week and and subsequently went in search of him. It would appear as if this magnificent tusker had an awkward fall, from which...

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Photo: T.K. Broyles, Clinchfield Railroad employee

Today in Elephant History: Sept. 13

2020-09-13 - Erin, United States. Dan Koehl

Mary was a 5 ton heavy female asian elephant hanged in Erwin, Tennessee, after killing the elephant groom Walter "Red" Eldridge, in Kingsport, in 12th of September 1916. Charlie and Addie Sparks decid...

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