Yangon Zoo celebrates Momo’s birthday, away from crowds

2020-10-27 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

The Yangon Zoo’s most celebrated resident, Momo the elephant celebrated her 67th birthday at a party organised by zoo staff. Now approaching 70, Momo is one of the oldest Asian elephants in the world. Momo first arrived at Yangon Zoo at the age of 7, and has since entertained visitors with her talents for spraying water and kicking footballs.

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2011-11-25 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

Myanmar said it was holding a welcoming ceremony in the capital on Sunday for two white elephants, a five-year-old male from western Rakhine state, while the second was a female aged 15 found in the Irrawaddy region, west of Yangon, another official said.considered symbols of good luck -- after a landmark week for the Army-dominated nation. The recent capture of the pale pachyderms brings the number being held by the government to an auspicious seven, according to an official in the capital Nayp...

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People parade with a white elephant and a vehicle carrying a sacred Buddha tooth relic from China, encircling the grounds of the Maha Pasana Cave in Yangon Nov 22, 2011.

Sacred Buddha tooth relic arrives at Yangon

2011-11-23 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

The Chinese Buddha sacred tooth relic, after being placed in Nay Pyi Taw for 16-day public obeisance, was conveyed to Yangon´s Maha Pasana Cave in Kaba Aye Pagoda Tuesday for continued public obeisance by Yangon residents. Nearly 50,000 people filled the two sides of the 7-kilometer motor road leading from the airport to the Kaba Aye Pagoda in greeting the tooth relic.

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In this image made off MRTV video footage, a rare white elephant is caught in the jungles in Maungdaw township in northwestern Rakhine state, Myanmar. Myanmar

Myanmar junta celebrates rare white elephant

2010-08-10 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

Myanmar´s ruling junta threw a lavish welcome ceremony for a rare white elephant, a traditional symbol of power and prosperity, which was transported from the jungle to the country´s remote capital, state media reported Tuesday. The 38-year-old female elephant was recently captured in the jungles of northwestern Myanmar and transported Monday by boat and truck to Naypyitaw, where it was given the name Bhaddavati, or "One Who is Endowed With Goodness," in a formal naming ceremony, the...

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Burma Takes Measures for Wildlife Conservation - Chinese Agency

2008-09-23 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

Myanmar [Burma] has taken measures for wildlife conservation by restricting the catching of elephant in the country's Bago Yoma mountain range where most of the animal take sanctuary, the local Weekly Eleven journal reported Tuesday. In order to prevent elephant from extinction in the country, the Myanmar forestry authorities allowed catching of the wild elephants in the mountain range's Hlegu area only once in three years, prescribing the ratio of the elephants caught to be handed over to the a...

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Workers in Myanmar are seen using elephants for logging

Myanmars wild elephants helping cut down their forest habitat

2008-02-17 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

Elephants in Myanmar have long been invaluable labourers in the country's timber industry, nimbly finding their way through forests and dragging heavy fallen trees to rivers for shipping. But as Myanmar's ruling junta expands logging in the country's teak forests, more wild elephants are being captured and trained for clear-cutting operations that destroy the very habitats in which they roamed freely, activists and industry insiders say.

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Trucks loaded with animals inside a covered cage wait at Yangon Zoological Garden in Yangon, Myanmar, Friday, Feb. 15, 2008 before transportation to the new zoo in the administrative capital Naypyitaw. The military government began relocating scores of a

Junta Moves Zoo Animals in Myanmar

2008-02-15 - Yangoon, Myanmar.

First, the civil servants were transferred to Myanmar's newly built capital deep in the countryside. Now, it's time for the rhinos and elephants to move. The military government this week began using cranes and trucks to relocate scores of animals , including elephants, monkeys, birds, rhinos, bears and deer , out of the Zoological Garden in the biggest city, Yangon. Fourteen trucks filled with animals, many stuffed into small cages, were scheduled to depart late Friday for the new capital, Nayp...

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7 Headlines about Elephants from Yangoon2020-10-27 - Yangoon, Myanmar - Yangon Zoo celebrates Momo’s birthday, away from crowds 2011-11-25 - Yangoon, Myanmar - 2011-11-23 - Yangoon, Myanmar - Sacred Buddha tooth relic arrives at Yangon 2010-08-10 - Yangoon, Myanmar - Myanmar junta celebrates rare white elephant 2008-09-23 - Yangoon, Myanmar - Burma Takes Measures for Wildlife Conservation - Chinese Agency 2008-02-17 - Yangoon, Myanmar - Myanmars wild elephants helping cut down their forest habitat 2008-02-15 - Yangoon, Myanmar - Junta Moves Zoo Animals in Myanmar

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