Surabaya City legislature

Surabaya Zoo should rectify errors following elephant calf"s death: MP

2021-12-20 - Surabaya, Indonesia.

The Surabaya City legislative body's Commission B member, Alfian Limardi, urged the Surabaya Zoo operator to take requisite steps to address loopholes in the zoo management following the death of an elephant calf named Dumbo. Dumbo, a male Sumatran elephant, was born on July 22, 2019, from a male elephant Lembang and female elephant Doa.

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Row brewing over Indonesia"s "death zoo"

2014-02-05 - Surabaya, Indonesia.

A MALE giraffe died an agonising death at Indonesia´s Surabaya Zoo with 20 kg of plastic found in his stomach, in 2012. Three months later, a 30-year-old female elephant died after living with a broken leg for two years. So far this year, six animals have died at Indonesia´s largest zoo, in East Java province, including a protected 3-year-old Komodo dragon and an African lion called Michael, found with his head caught in a cable in his enclosure.

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A Surabaya Zoo vet checks the pulse of the sick 35-year-old female elephant named Fitri

Morrissey calls for shut down of notorious Javan zoo

2012-05-08 - Surabaya, Indonesia.

The singer Morrissey has called on the Indonesian government to immediately shut down a notorious zoo in eastern Java where hundreds of animals have died or disappeared.

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A Sumatran elephant in Surabaya

2009-01-29 - Surabaya, India.

A spate of recent deadly animal attacks in Indonesia has thrown the spotlight on growing conflicts between humans and animals triggered by the rapid dwindling of the country's forests

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4 Headlines about Elephants from Surabaya2021-12-20 - Surabaya, Indonesia - Surabaya Zoo should rectify errors following elephant calf"s death: MP 2014-02-05 - Surabaya, Indonesia - Row brewing over Indonesia"s "death zoo" 2012-05-08 - Surabaya, Indonesia - Morrissey calls for shut down of notorious Javan zoo 2009-01-29 - Surabaya, India - A Sumatran elephant in Surabaya

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