CBI begins probe into death of elephants, poaching in forests of Tamil Nadu

2021-04-08 - Madurai, India.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has launched a probe into alleged poaching and killing of elephants in the forests of Tamil Nadu, an issue raised by wildlife activists over the years. Several elephants have been electrocuted or killed by poachers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the last few years.

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Elephant rescued after six-year ordeal

2012-07-08 - Madurai, India.

The ordeal of a couple over the loss of a pet elephant for almost six years came to an end as the elephant was rescued from its trainers by the city police on Friday. It was one among the interesting cases handled by the police department.

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PIL against rejuvenation camp

2011-12-15 - Madurai, India.

V Sundararaj, an advocate and environmentalist is seeking to restrain the state government from conducting the elephant rejuvenation camp at Mudumalai, a public interest litigation was filed on Tuesday in the Madurai bench of the Madras high court. The petitioner said that the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve has the highest density of tigers in the country.

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Elephant runs amok, flungs substitute mahout

2010-10-11 - Madurai, India.

A substitute mahout was injured after he was flung by a domesticated elephant which ran amok on a road in the city today, causing panic. Kannan, assigned to take care of the 26-year old elephant in place of its mahout Ashok Kumar, had attempted to feed it when it lifted him with its trunk and flung him, police said adding he suffered a fracture and has been hospitalised. The female elephant, brought here for a private function, then turned violent, broke free from its chains and started running ...

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Parvathi receiving a bath under the new shower installed on Wednesday

Temple elephant basking in special shower

2010-08-05 - Madurai, India.

Parvathi, the 15-year-old female elephant of the Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple here, is basking under a new shower system installed exclusively for its use. Put into operation on Wednesday, the shower will use 5,000 litres of water a day for the elephant, which will be cleaned once in the morning and evening. The shower was installed at a cost of Rs. 20,000. The move follows a meeting of the temple authorities and individuals owning elephants convened on July 2 by the Chief Conservator of Fores...

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Elephant calves lose mother; visit burial site daily

2009-08-11 - Madurai, India.

Despite becoming part of a new herd, love and affection for their mother simply refuses to die, as two elephant calves, including a new born, have been visiting daily the place, where their mother was buried in a forest area in neighboring Virudhunagar district. The female elephant had given birth to a calf on August 5 in Shenbagathoppu forest area near Srivilliputhur, about 80 km from here, but died later following dehydration.

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Elephant gets frightened by street dogs

2008-01-03 - Madurai, India.

An 11-year-old she-elephant of Sri Meenakshi temple on Wednesday ran amok after witnessing a fight between two street dogs. According to the Executive Officer of the temple B Raja, Parvathy who was bringing water for pooja, got scared on seeing the two dogs barking and attacking each other ferociously and ran into a hotel near the temple. The mahout managed to persuade the elephant to come out of the hotel and told it that there was no need to get scared. He also chased away the dogs and brought...

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Palani forest has 86 elephants

2007-05-12 - Madurai, India.

A recent survey has spotted 86 elephants along with 23 other species of wild animals in the Palani forest range, Dindigul District Forest officials has said. According to District Forest Officer Nihar Ranjan, five tuskers, 30 female elephants and 19 calves were identified. However, the gender of 32 pachyderms could not be identified as they were spotted at a long range, Ranjan told reporters at Dindigul last evening.

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Project to protect elephants launched

2007-04-12 - Madurai, India.

Project elephant, a Central government-sponsored scheme to protect elephants, was formally inaugurated in Tamil Nadu last evening when veterinary doctors of Mudhumalai wildlife sanctuary planted a microchip on an elephant at the Sri Meenakshi temple here. Other elephants in the city, including those of the Sri Koodal Azhagar temple, Tiruparankunram and Kallazhagar temples and elephants in private hands would have microchips fixed behind their left ears.

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Ailing Madurai elephant dead

2007-03-31 - Madurai, India.

The temple elephant, ailing for the past few days and undergoing treatment here, died today despite efforts of the doctors to save it. The elephant, Angayarkanni, belongs to the Sri Meenakshi Amman temple. Veterinary doctors, who treated the 41-year-old elephant for the past three days, said they did their best to save the elephant which suffered from a series of problems including liver and kidney failure, chronic osteo arthritis, and indigestion.

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Watch towers and camps to save elephants

2007-02-08 - Madurai, India.

The Forest Department has set up watch towers and camps at different places to prevent hunting of elephants in Meghamalai Sanctuary, officials said here today. The measures were taken following complaints about elephants being poached in the forest area spread over 55,000 hectare, official sources said here today. According to estimates, there were 172 elephants, including four tuskers, 78 female elephants and 14 calves, in the area, they said.

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Rs 3 cr plan to provide concrete roof for elephant path

2006-11-15 - Madurai, India.

A Rs three crore plan to provide a concrete roof for a 725 metre path used by elephants to the Palani Sri Dhandayudhapaniswamy temple, 120 km from here, has been sent for government approval, officials said. Officials said the total length of the path is 886 metres. There are 45 'four pillared' mandapams along the pathway which cover/provide shelter for 161 metres. The remaining distance is uncovered.

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The dead elephant of Sri Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple being laid to rest at Anbu Thottam in Palani on Thursday. — Photo: G. Karthikeyan

Palani temple elephant dies. The pachyderm was ailing due to a bacterial attack since October 31

2006-11-03 - MADURAI, India.

Sumathi, a 39-year-old elephant of Dhandayuthapaniswamy Temple, died at Palani on Wednesday night. The pachyderm, which was ailing due to a bacterial attack since October 31, had lost movement of both its hind legs and was treated by a team of veterinary doctors drawn from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The end came around 10.20 p.m.

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Elephants cause extensive damage to crops

2005-10-06 - Madurai, India.

A group of 50 elephants, which were send in to the deep forests returned last evening to the Ayakudi area near Palani Hills in Didigul District. The elephants, which caused extensive damage to crops, were sent to the forest along with trained elephants last week. Forest officials said the elephants killed three farmers within 15 days when they attempted drive them away from the fields. They said the elephants damaged crops and trees worth about Rs one crore.

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Meenakshi temple elephant dies

2001-06-18 - MADURAI, India.

The she-elephant of the Meenakshi Sundereshwarar temple, which served the temple for more than five decades, died on Sunday night after a prolonged illness.

The 70-year-old pachyderm, Meenakshi, was down with fever yesterday evening. The temple administration brought veterinary doctors to revive her. But despite their efforts, she failed to respond to the treatment. Old age and its associated symptoms of illness were said to be the main reason for the death.

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15 Headlines about Elephants from MADURAI2021-04-08 - Madurai, India - CBI begins probe into death of elephants, poaching in forests of Tamil Nadu 2012-07-08 - Madurai, India - Elephant rescued after six-year ordeal 2011-12-15 - Madurai, India - PIL against rejuvenation camp 2010-10-11 - Madurai, India - Elephant runs amok, flungs substitute mahout 2010-08-05 - Madurai, India - Temple elephant basking in special shower 2009-08-11 - Madurai, India - Elephant calves lose mother; visit burial site daily 2008-01-03 - Madurai, India - Elephant gets frightened by street dogs 2007-05-12 - Madurai, India - Palani forest has 86 elephants 2007-04-12 - Madurai, India - Project to protect elephants launched 2007-03-31 - Madurai, India - Ailing Madurai elephant dead 2007-02-08 - Madurai, India - Watch towers and camps to save elephants 2006-11-15 - Madurai, India - Rs 3 cr plan to provide concrete roof for elephant path 2006-11-03 - MADURAI, India - Palani temple elephant dies. The pachyderm was ailing due to a bacterial attack since October 31 2005-10-06 - Madurai, India - Elephants cause extensive damage to crops 2001-06-18 - MADURAI, India - Meenakshi temple elephant dies

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