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death Saint Louis Zoo elephants Rani with her newborn baby Avi on July 6. Avi died on Aug. 2 due to complications from birth defects

Birth defects contributed to death of Saint Louis Zoo"s baby elephant Avi

2020-08-22 - St. Louis, United States. The St. Louis American

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misc Elephant camps have been deeply impacted by the Covid-19 crisis as tourism grinds to a halt; an elephant family in an elephant camp in northern Thailand pictured

Ingrid Suter: Time to rethink elephant tourism

2020-08-21 - Brisbane, Australia. S Puvaneswary

With global tourism remaining at a standstill, now’s an opportune time for tour operators who play an important role in shaping the future and vision of elephant tourism in South-east Asia, to rethi...

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wild Sun sets over the Gorongosa National Park

2020-08-20 - Beira, Mozambique. Jacob Dykes

Three elephants, two buffalo, seven hippos and a few hundred antelope – that’s all that could be spotted in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique in 1997, when a violent civil war spanning two decad...

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pictures Countess Heine and Heine Bulder, 1907

15 vintage photographs of the old Washington Park Zoo

2020-08-17 - Washington, United States. Bobby Tanzilo

These images, shared with us by the Milwaukee County Zoo, include some really interesting shots, including one of Robert Raasch, first superintendent of West Park, and his family feeding the deer at t...

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 Zoom, the baby elephant whose birth was live-streamed, is seen in the Africam Safari park in Puebla, Mexico on August 14, 2020

Mexican zoo live-streams birth of elephant named "Zoom"

2020-08-15 - Mexico City, Mexico.

A baby African elephant whose birth was live-streamed by a safari park in Mexico has been named Zoom after the video chat app made popular by the coronavirus pandemic

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Tal Manor, Project Manager for Amboseli Trust for Elephants

2020-08-15 - Amboseli, Kenya.

Tal was raised in Kenya’s coastal town of Mombasa and worked with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for ten years. Tal's expertise centre on GIS(Geographic Information Systems), database management...

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Elephant calf rescued, handed over to zoo

2020-08-14 - ITANAGAR, India.

A two- to three-month-old male elephant calf was rescued from the Toru forest range under the Sagalee forest division on Friday afternoon. The rescued baby elephant was handed over to Itanagar Biologi...

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circus The owners of Arna the elephant (centre) say they would never had retired the animal to a zoo after she killed her handler had they known the outcome of that decision

Killer elephant owners regret zoo transfer

2020-08-14 - Dubbo, Australia. Hannah Moore NCA NewsWire

The owners of circus elephant Arna, who crushed her handler to death in December 2007, have told a parliamentary inquiry they regret retiring her to a zoo after the incident. Arna crushed her handler ...

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A mother elephant and her calf head for a nearby marsh at Kenya

Some Good News: An "Elephant Baby Boom" In One Kenyan National Park

2020-08-14 - , Kenya. GABRIELA SALDIVIA

Amboseli National Park in Kenya is experiencing something of an elephant baby boom. The park, which sits at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, has reported the birth of more than 170 calves this year and co...

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Kenny, an African Bush elephant at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens has died.

2020-08-11 - , Japan.

47 years old Kenny in Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Japan died 10th of August 2020. Kenny was born wild 1973 in Kenya, arrived in Higashiyama Zoo in 1975.

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