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Elephant trunk makes an excellent robot

2017-01-24 - Atlanta, United States.

Scientists hope to one day develop a robotic gripper modelled on the dexterous trunks of elephants. The boneless appendage can easily pick up objects as small as a peanut or as heavy as a log. But how...

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Hope Elephants" Opal dies in Oklahoma

2017-01-23 - Hugo, United States.

Opal, one of two elephants who lived at the Hope Elephants sanctuary founded by Jim Laurita in 2012, died in Hugo, Okla. on Jan. 10, following a serious injury to her front left leg. Opal and her elep...

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Two Phuket Livestock officials injured as elephant bolts

2017-01-23 - Phuket, Thailand.

The injuries occurred when one elephant, believed to have been spooked by another, bolted during official€s inspection of the Safari elephant camp in Saiyuan, Rawai. At 11:30am on Saturday, Cap...

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Lab tests show elephant DNA may be key to fighting cancer, says Utah researcher

2017-01-17 - Salt Lake City, United States.

Josh Schiffman likes to think of the tumor-suppressing protein p53 as a superhero in a bright red cape. It swoops in whenever there is DNA damage and fixes or eliminates the problem in an attempt to k...

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Elephants in Dak Lak become more aggressive as loss of habitat continues

2017-01-12 - Dak Lak, Vietnam.

According to the Dak Lak provincial Elephant Conservation Center, there are five groups of elephants living in the province, with 60-70 in each group.
In Ea Sup district alone, there is one gr...

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Elephant bones linked to wildlife trafficking

2017-01-04 - HUA HIN, Thailand.

A task force on wildlife trafficking has unearthed the bones of five elephants which they suspect are linked to the merging of wild animals into domestic populations. The Phaya Sua task force excavate...

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Wild elephants cause menace in Bardiya

2017-01-03 - Bardia, Nepal.

Since this is a nepalese/Indian news organ, they put a tame elephant (with a bell) to the article which concearning wild elephants. In 50% of cases, Indian news sites put images of African elephants t...

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Elephant trainer Cecil Jackson Senior, face of the Cincinnati zoo for decades, dies

2017-01-03 - Cincinnati, United States.

Cecil Jackson Senior retired from the zoo in 1998, two months shy of being there for 50 years. People could find him and any animal at local parades and he also worked with Marge Schott and the Reds. ...

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Mastodon bones discovered by Macomb Township residents

2017-01-03 - Macomb Township, United States.

In June 2011, the Ignasiak siblings, along with their cousin Megan Bonus made the find, although they weren€t sure at the exactly what they had come across.€We had no idea what we were d...

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Four jumbos from Rambo Circus retire, rehabilitated

2017-01-02 - Pune, India.

John Mathew, manager of Rambo Circus, said, €Seven mahouts, who took care of the four elephants at the Rambo Circus, have also shifted to Jamnagar with additional staff and a veterinarian."Sara...

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