Coming Up Trunks: Elephant Superstud Shows Off His Strength

2022-04-25 - Basel, Switzerland.

African bull elephant Tusker, who sired 13 calves at his previous zoo homes, has become a star attraction at Switzerland's Basel Zoo; not for fatherhood, but for his baffling skills in balancing huge tree trunks in his enclosure. At German Zoo Wuppertal, he fathered 13 calves with four different mothers. In 2019, Tusker then moved to the Netherlands to Rhenen. There, too, he fulfilled his duty impeccably, and he is now considered one of the most successful breeding bulls in Europe.

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Goodbye, Yoga! Bull elephant travels to Sweden

2013-10-31 - Basel, Switzerland.

On 23rd October, bull elephant Yoga (16) left Basel Zoo for Boras Zoo in Sweden. An articulated lorry and an extra large crate were required to transport the 4.6-ton bull. Yoga should be back in three years’ time for the opening of the new elephant enclosure. On Friday 25th October after 48 hours of travel, Yoga arrived safe and sound at Boras Zoo.

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World�s oldest captive elephant dies

2010-07-29 - Basel, Switzerland.

Ruaha has died at Basel Zoo at the age of 59, which made her the world�s oldest African elephant in captivity, the zoo announced on Thursday. She was delivered to the zoo in 1952 along with four other young elephants. Ruaha was believed to be one year old at the time. A member of the zoo staff found her dead in the elephant enclosure on Thursday morning. The zoo said she probably died of old age, but will investigate the actual cause of death.

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3 Headlines about Elephants from Basel2022-04-25 - Basel, Switzerland - Coming Up Trunks: Elephant Superstud Shows Off His Strength 2013-10-31 - Basel, Switzerland - Goodbye, Yoga! Bull elephant travels to Sweden 2010-07-29 - Basel, Switzerland - World�s oldest captive elephant dies

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