Cambodia sensation: As a miracle, 38 year old Ikeo gave birth to a female elephant baby

Camille Clais with the new born elephant baby, 26th of December, 2021. Photo: Pierre-Yves Clais.

2021-12-26 - Banlung, Cambodia. Dan Koehl

After being mated with two bulls in 2019, Bak Mai and Bokva, Ikeos breasts became swollen, but an analyze of her prolactin concentrations in November 2020 were low and did not indicate a pregnancy, also unlikely at her age of 38 with a first baby. Therefore it was a miracle, when a female baby was born in the forest at Catien water falls 26th of December. Unfortunately, Ikeo so far rejected her baby, who is named Noel and on 24/7 supervision by Airavata staff.

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Asian elephant calf Thorn dies of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus

2021-12-25 - Albuquerque, United States.

Thorn, a three-year-old male elephant at the ABQ BioPark Zoo, died in the early morning hours on Christmas Day from elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV). BioPark staff began treating Thorn immediately after traces of the virus were detected in a routine blood test on December 15. This virus causes hemorrhagic disease that can be fatal for young elephants. EEHV is the leading cause of death for Asian elephant calves and can strike elephants in the wild and in human care.

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Mahout critically injured after being gored by elephant in Kochi

2021-12-25 - Kochi, India.

A Mahout was critically injured after an elephant he was giving a shower forward of parading in reference to a temple ritual turned violent and gored him. The Mahout recognized as Ratnakaran (57) of Onakkoor suffered a deep wound on his rib and was rushed to a non-public hospital close by. “The wound caused by the tusk is fairly deep. We have moved him into ventilator,” stated hospital sources. The elephant recognized as Polakulam Vishu Narayanan was dropped at the temple as a part of the pa...

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In Cachar, microchips in elephants for identification, to monitor health

2021-12-24 - Silchar, India.

In order to keep track of elephants and better monitoring of the pachyderms, Cachar Forest officials have started implanting microchips in them. The three-day camp, which began at Sonai Forest office on Wednesday, was next held at Salchapra on Thursday and Sonai and Matinagar of Cachar district on Friday. The camp also consisted of health checkup for the elephants and verification of the owner.

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How Kumki Cheran got his eyesight back

The left eye of the 35-yr-old tusker

2021-12-23 - Theppakadu, India.

Cheran, a kumki elephant who was injured by a care taker, got his vision back, thanks to the efforts of the team led by veterinary assistant surgeon K Rajesh Kumar. The 35-year-old elephant is receiving treatment at the Theppakadu elephant camp in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR). Currently, the animal has got back nearly 80 per cent of his eyesight and it will take a few more months to recover completely.

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Mammoths roamed Yukon 6,000 years ago: new DNA research

Researchers are using new methods of examining ancient DNA to learn more about the ancient Yukon landsc

2021-12-23 - Hamilton, United States.

A new study examining ancient DNA from the Yukon is changing the timeline for when woolly mammoths and ancient horses roamed the continent. Tyler Murchie, a researcher at the McMaster Ancient DNA Centre in Hamilton, was the lead author on a new paper in the journal Nature on Dec. 8, with new evidence that suggests ancient horses and mammoths may have roamed the Yukon landscape up until 6,000 years ago.

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MR Palayam rehabilitation centre, a go-to-destination to treat sick elephants

Elephants revelling at the MR Palayam rehabilitation centre in Tiruchy district on Wednesday

2021-12-23 - Tiruchy, India.

The Elephant Rehabilitation Centre at MR Palayam continues to grow as a haven for sick pachyderms in the State, with two new elephants in dire health conditions being brought for rehabilitation last week. With this, the elephant population at the centre has increased to eight in three years.A veterinary doctor from Coimbatore monitors the health of each elephant every fortnight and a veterinary doctor from the district visits the camp every single week.

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Cruelty debate over zoo exhibition highlights complexities of elephant tourism in Thailand

Visitors to Thailand

2021-12-22 - Bangkok, Thailand.

a recent controversy over an award-winning photo of a swimming elephant at Khao Kheow illustrates the friction that exists between some animal rights activists and people who manage elephants in Thailand. Some Thai people see a double standard in how Khao Kheow, and Thailand in general, have become lightning rods for animal-related criticism from the West. They wonder why the elephant swimming exhibitions held at zoos in Germany and Switzerland have drawn minimal criticism despite appearing to s...

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Update on Albuquerque Biological Park Elephant Thorn Tests Positive For EEHV

2021-12-21 - Albuquerque, United States.

The ABQ BioPark continues to provide around the clock care and treatments for Thorn, our 3 year old elephant who recently tested positive for the Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV). While the most recent daily test results indicate an escalation in the viral load his treatments continue and we remain hopeful and are confident that together we will have the best chance of helping Thorn through this illness.

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Fossil track sites on the Cape south coast show ancient evidence of Knysna elephants

2021-12-21 - Cape Town, South Africa. Charles Helm

In the 19th century, a population that came to be known as the “Knysna elephants” (a reference to the nearest big town) were the most southerly group of elephants in Africa. Over time they became the only free-ranging elephants in South Africa. Their numbers were decimated by the ivory market and habitat transformation. Evidence indicates that only one elephant, an adult female in her forties, remains. Now, about 18km from the area that lone elephant occupies, we have found new evidence of h...

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