Ndivo and fellow villagers use a voltmetre to confirm voltage on an electric fence at Shimba Hills National Park.

This man herds elephants

2009-11-09 - Shimba Hills National Park, Kenya. Joe Ombuor

From the safety of his house, Philip Ndivo sees a herd of elephants moving down a hill in Shimba Hills National Park. He pulls down a big electric switch mounted on a wooden deck in his house. He moves out of his house in Lukore village, Kwale District, holding an instrument that tests electric current, which he clips to an electric fence passing near his compound. The gadget confirms the voltage is high enough to keep off any elephant that might try to cross the fence into farms.

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Kenya"s elephants evicted after spats with neighbours

2006-11-05 - Shimba Hills, Kenya. Tia Goldenberg

The field behind John Saidi Bodwe's house in the lush green hills near Shimba Hills National Reserve once yielded maize, cassava and bananas, but is now a sickly pale brown on which nothing grows. The attackers are marauding elephants that constantly invade surrounding farms and have become unstoppable. In a bid to address these grievances, a massive 3 million dollar operation is underway to move 400 elephants from Shimba Hills to nearby Tsavo Park.

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Elephant translocation from Shimba Hills to Tsavo Phase Two

2006-06-30 - Shimba Hills, Kenya.

Phase Two of the elephant translocation from Shimba Hills to Tsavo East was planned for January/ February 2006, but has postponed to June/ July this year, due to the dry conditions in Tsavo at the time. Kenya Wildlife Service Kwale Senior Warden Moses Litoroh: "Taking elephants from the relatively green Shimba Hills to Tsavo during the dry season is not advisable as this would make them vulnerable to losses. "Elephants would wander for long distances in search for browse and water ther...

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400 elephants moved from overcrowded reserve

2005-08-29 - SHIMBA HILLS, Kenya. David Mwangi

Kenya began moving 400 elephants from an overcrowded reserve on its Indian Ocean coast on Thursday in an unprecedented transportation intended to protect the environment and reduce conflict with local people. The state Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said the $3.2 million, eight-month operation from the Shimba Hills reserve would be the world‘s biggest translocation of live animals.

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Elephants to Be Moved

2004-01-08 - Shimba Hills, Kenya. Daniel Nyassy, The East African Standard

Four hundred elephants in Shimba Hills Game Park, Kwale, are to get a new home starting next month. They will be moved to the Tsavo National Park, as ordered by President Kibaki in his tour of the Coast Province.

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4 Headlines about Elephants from Shimba Hills2006-11-05 - Shimba Hills, Kenya - Kenya"s elephants evicted after spats with neighbours 2006-06-30 - Shimba Hills, Kenya - Elephant translocation from Shimba Hills to Tsavo Phase Two 2005-08-29 - SHIMBA HILLS, Kenya - 400 elephants moved from overcrowded reserve 2004-01-08 - Shimba Hills, Kenya - Elephants to Be Moved

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