Jim Moorefield, executive director of Willamette Neighborhood Housing Services, holds the teeth of a mastodon in his downtown Corvallis office Thursday morning.  Read more:

Mastodon bones found at construction site

2012-02-25 - Corvallis, United States.

Vernon Kessi was digging a sewer line for a new apartment complex last December when he saw something strange from the cab of his excavator: What Kessi and his power shovel unearthed that morning turned out to be the jaw of a mastodon, an extinct elephant-like creature that roamed North America until the end of the last Ice Age. A deposit of white, crumbly material that he could tell wasn’t rock.

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Pharmacokinetics of orally administered ibuprofen in African and Asian elephants (Loxodonta africana and Elephas maximus).

2007-06-30 - Corvallis, United States. Bechert U, Christensen JM. Oregon State University

The pharmacokinetic parameters of S(+) and R(-) ibuprofen were determined in 20 elephants after oral administration of preliminary 4-, 5-, and 6-mg/kg doses of racemic ibuprofen. Racemic ibuprofen administered at 6 mg/kg/12 hr for Asian elephants and at 7 mg/kg/12 hr for African elephants results in therapeutic serum concentrations of this antiinflammatory agent.

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Oregon Researchers Find Key To Pachyderm Pain Relief

2006-09-29 - CORVALLIS, Oregon, United States. Stephen Swanson

Providing safe, effective pain control for ailing elephants has frustrated zoos and sanctuaries for decades, but researchers at Oregon State University have zeroed in on relief for the colossal creatures. The OSU team found the effective dose of ibuprofen is six milligrams per kilogram of weight for Asian elephants and seven milligrams per kilogram for African elephants, given every 12 hours. It isn't much different than the standard human dose, except humans metabolize the drug much faster, Chr...

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1 Headlines about Elephants from CORVALLIS, Oregon2006-09-29 - CORVALLIS, Oregon, United States - Oregon Researchers Find Key To Pachyderm Pain Relief

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