Study suggests how elephants became big and cancer-resistant

2021-02-08 - Buffalo, United States.

Though many elephant relatives harbor extra copies of tumor-suppressor genes, the scientists found that elephant genomes possess some unique duplications that may contribute to tumor suppression through genes involved in DNA repair, resistance to oxidative stress and cellular growth, aging and death.

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Richard S. Laub, curator of geology at the Buffalo Museum of Science, kneels alongside a 10-foot mastodon tusk that could be the largest ever discovered in the state.

Museum claims tusk is largest

2009-11-01 - Buffalo, United States. Tom Buckham

Not so fast, New York State Museum. The 9-foot-long Mastodon tusk retrieved from the Hudson Valley a year ago, which you say might be the largest ever found in the state, is not. That distinction evidently belongs to a 10-footer recovered from the Buffalo Museum of Science Hiscock dig in Genesee County in 1997.

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Where do elephants go when they die?

The 8,500 Pound Question: What happens when a zoo elephant dies?

2009-10-14 - Buffalo, United States. Charlotte Hsu

It was with the sorrow of losing a good friend that staff at the Buffalo Zoo said goodbye last month to Buki, the 52-year-old elephant who died on September 28. By all accounts, the 8,500-pound pachyderm, lauded for her intelligence and sweet disposition, was a charmer. She had a penchant for watermelons, loved a good rub behind the ears, and played the harmonica.

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Cancerous tumor found in elephant Buki. Necropsy report won"t be completed for few weeks

2009-10-01 - Buffalo, United States. Mark Perrotte

Cancer may have killed one of the Buffalo zoo's most beloved creatures. Buki the elephant died at the age of 52. Pathologists discovered a large, cancerous tumor in her abdominal area. Officials said a full necropsy report will not be completed for a few weeks. Buki had been at the zoo for more than 20 years.

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Buki, shown here with Kelly Amrhein in 2008, died Monday. At 52, she was the oldest of the Buffalo Zoo’s three elephants.

Elephants join in mourning death of zoo"s beloved Buki

2009-09-29 - Buffalo, United States. Tom Buckham

For several hours Monday, Jothi and Surapa hovered over a lifeless Buki in the Buffalo Zoo's Elephant House. The younger Asian elephants nudged the matriarch's head and brushed her body with their trunks, presumably in the hope that their constant companion of more than two decades might awaken and rise up from the padded floor.

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Buki the elephant dies. Buffalo Zoo favorite was 52 years old

2009-09-28 - Buffalo, United States.

Buki, one of the Buffalo Zoo’s beloved Asian elephants, has died at the age of 52. A long-time resident, she was a favorite among visitors and a special friend to Zoo staff. Keepers were present when she passed away at 5:40 a.m. on Monday, September 28, 2009.

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Buki, who turned 50 two years ago, has lost her appetite. Blood tests have shown her kidneys aren’t working properly.

Buki may be nearing the end. Zoo says its oldest elephant has been losing weight

2009-09-13 - Buffalo, United States. Maki Becker

Buki, the oldest Asian elephant at the Buffalo Zoo, may be in her last days. Over the last couple of weeks, zookeepers have become alarmed at the 52- year-old pachyderm’s sudden loss of weight and appetite. Blood tests have shown her kidneys are not functioning properly, although she’s not in kidney failure.
This could be the beginning of the end, zoo President Donna M. Fernandes reported Saturday. But she said all hope is not lost. We’re hoping she’ll rally, she said.

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Elephant Keeper

2009-08-13 - Buffalo, United States.

Minimum two-year degree in one of the natural sciences or a closely related discipline, four-year degree preferred. A minimum of two years of elephant training, management, and husbandry experience with demonstrated proficiency is required. Free contact experience preferred. Experience may substitute for educational requirement.

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Surapa joins Elephant House Manager Kelly Amrhein on the zoo lawn Thursday.

Elephant House built for comfort at Buffalo Zoo. Elephants Buki, Jothi and Surapa have settled into expanded quarters

2008-07-25 - Buffalo, United States. Tom Buckham

Buki is taking full advantage of new privileges accorded the queen of the Buffalo Zoo’s remodeled Elephant House. Last week, during one of her first nights back after two months at the Columbus Zoo, the 50-year-old Asian elephant poked through the bars and snatched a bale of hay keepers believed was beyond her grasp. “I thought there was no way she could reach that far,” said Kelly Amrhein, Elephant House manager.

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Best Bets

2008-07-24 - Buffalo, United States. Jane Kwiatkowski

Long time no see, Buki! You, too, Surapa and Jothi! From 10 a. m. to 3:30 p. m. Saturday and Sunday, party with the elephants at The Buffalo Zoo. Practice elephant art, ask a trainer the million-dollar question, and scarf down some Perry’s ice cream. All activities included with admission at the grand house of animals, 300 Parkside Ave.

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Elephants Back in Buffalo

2008-07-17 - Buffalo, United States.

The pachyderms are back from Columbus, Ohio two weeks earlier than expected, and the fans were there to greet them. Buki, Jothi, and Surapa are one of the most popular exhibits at the Buffalo Zoo. Starting Thursday you can see them outside their new home. "They really have the sense of recognition, and they're already using all four of the holding spaces. We only had two before. They're sleeping and eating normally so we think they've just come back home." says Buffalo Zoo President Donna Fernan...

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Donna Fernandes, Buffalo Zoo president, stands Monday outside the Elephant House, whose residents have moved to the Columbus Zoo.

Buffalo Zoo elephants move out for summer while habitat is expanded. All 3 sent to Ohio to permit required expansion at zoo

2008-04-16 - Buffalo, United States. Tom Buckham

There will be no gawking at elephants this summer at the Buffalo Zoo. Two of the three female Asian elephants were transported to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Sunday night to make way for expansion of the Elephant House, and the third followed them to Ohio on Monday night. They won’t be back until summer’s end — at the soonest. Donna M. Fernandes, president and CEO, said the zoo accepted the offer of temporary shelter from the Columbus Zoo, in suburban Powell, Ohio, after deciding agai...

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Buffalo Zoo Elephant

Buffalo Zoo Elephants Moved to Ohio for Summer

2008-04-15 - Buffalo, United States. Eileen Buckley

You might say the Buffalo Zoo's three female Asian elephants are on vacation. They were transported to the Columbus Zoo in Ohio so renovation work to the Zoo's elephant house can begin. WBFO'S Eileen Buckley talked to one Zoo official about the elephants move and changes to their living space. Click the "listen" icon above to hear Eileen Buckley's interview now or use your podcasting software to download it to your computer or iPod.

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Zoo President Donna M. Fernandes rejected all charges by In Defense of Elephants, especially noting that “the elephants are never made to lie in their feces and urine. That’s ridiculous.”

Animal rights group and Buffalo zoo at odds over Elephant House conditions

2008-01-11 - Buffalo, United States. Tom Buckham

Zoo President Donna M. Fernandes rejected all charges by In Defense of Elephants, especially noting that “the elephants are never made to lie in their feces and urine. That’s ridiculous.” Less than two months after animal rights activists put the Buffalo Zoo on the defensive over a series of polar bear deaths, it has become the target of charges that its elephants live in cramped, inhumane conditions. The zoo issued a swift denial.

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HSBC gives zoo $90,000 for upgrades: DONATION

2007-10-07 - Buffalo, United States.

Lots of money and family fun filled the afternoon Saturday at the Buffalo Zoo, where HSBC Bank held its annual Halloween gathering for bank employees and presented the zoo a $90,000 check that helped it get accredited. Last month, a year after the Buffalo Zoo's five-year accreditation was delayed, the zoo launched a campaign to collect more than $2 million and win its reaccreditation.

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Zoo Birthday Bash for Buki

2007-08-24 - Buffalo, New York, United States. Eileen Buckley

The Buffalo Zoo will be throwing a big birthday bash this Sunday for one of its long-time residents. The Buffalo Zoo will be throwing a big birthday bash this Sunday for one of its long-time residents. A female elephant is celebrating her 50th. Buki's birthday Bash at the Zoo starts at 10:30 a.m. Sunday. It begins with a "bath time with Buki". Children can make birthday cards. New Era has made an elephant size ball cap for Buki. At 3 o'clock there will be a Buki Parade.

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Pictured here are the members of Ice Cream Social and an unidentified pachyderm. Perhaps the band’s trumpeter?

Save the Elephants

2007-05-03 - Buffalo, United States.

Local indie-rock outfits Ice Cream Social, La Cacahouette, and the Grade Grubbers are herding forces on Friday (May 4) in an effort to “SAVE THE ELEPHANTS!” at the Buffalo Zoo... or at least to make them more comfortable. Proceeds from this concert event at Broadway Joe’s will be put toward the renovation of the Zoo’s Elephant House, current home to three gigantic mammals named Buki, Jothi, and Surapa.

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To better care for the beasts at Buffalo Zoo

2007-05-01 - Buffalo, United States. Tom Buckham, Buffalo News

During a 2006 review, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums said the landmark 1912 Elephant House and the hospital needed to be expanded to meet current zoo guidelines. Meanwhile, the “I Love Elephants” campaign, which seeks to raise $1 million to boost the Elephant House interior from 1,050 to 1,800 square feet, has generated considerable community support, the zoo said.

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Elephant House now tops Buffalo Zoo projects

2007-02-15 - Buffalo, New York, United States. TOM BUCKHAM

The elephants played leapfrog Wednesday in the Buffalo Zoo. That is, the expansion of their historic building hopped over other projects to the top of the to-do list in the zoo's $75 million reconstruction program. If $1 million can be secured over the next few months, the internal expansion of the Elephant House will be done this summer, Donna M. Fernandes, zoo president, said at a news conference kicking off fundraising. If not, the work will be done in the summer of 2008.

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Buffalo Zoo Elephant House Expansion

2007-02-15 - Buffalo, New York, United States.

News 4 is teaming up with the Buffalo Zoo to help keep the three precious pachyderms at the zoo. The elephants need a bigger home, and the public is being asked to help raise the funds. The playful pachyderms are making a plea to animal lovers on Valentine's Day - they need help turning their elephant house into an elephant mansion. Buffalo Zoo President Dr. Donna Fernandes said, "If we were not to do the expansion, we would have two choices: we would either lose our professional accreditation o...

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How Do You Hide An Elephant?

2006-11-25 - Buffalo, New York, United States. Worth1000

In this contest we want you to hide an elephant... hide an elephant as brilliantly shown in the themepost by BrettRobertson! Of course, you're free to show them hiding in urban areas - even silly areas - as well! Suprise us!. Voting until 11/25/2006

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a close-up look at the Buffalo Zoos elephants, whose house must be upgraded

Buffalo Zoo finds it is facing an elephantine problem. Urgent repairs place budget plan in doubt

2006-11-09 - Buffalo, New York, United States. TOM BUCKHAM

Evolving animal care standards have thrown a monkey wrench into the Buffalo Zoos $75 million reconstruction program. The changes mandated by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which set a one-year deadline, caught zoo leaders off guard. President Donna M. Fernandes said she knew the 1912 elephant house and aging veterinary facilities were out of compliance with AZA standards, but expected to be given more time to correct the problems.

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5 Headlines about Elephants from Buffalo, New York2007-08-24 - Buffalo, New York, United States - Zoo Birthday Bash for Buki 2007-02-15 - Buffalo, New York, United States - Elephant House now tops Buffalo Zoo projects 2007-02-15 - Buffalo, New York, United States - Buffalo Zoo Elephant House Expansion 2006-11-25 - Buffalo, New York, United States - How Do You Hide An Elephant? 2006-11-09 - Buffalo, New York, United States - Buffalo Zoo finds it is facing an elephantine problem. Urgent repairs place budget plan in doubt

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