Animal rights group urges court to recognize Bronx Zoo elephant as person

2020-11-19 - Bronx, United States.

Happy the elephant was the center of attention in court Thursday when five state appellate judges debated whether the beloved Bronx Zoo mammal should be recognized as a person. However, the judges were skeptical in granting “personhood” to the 49-year-old female Asian elephant.

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Budget cuts force Bronx Zoo to "fire" animals

2009-01-30 - Bronx, New York, United States. Christine Romans and Jennifer Bragg, CNN

Layoffs for sea lions? Furloughs for frogs? Is there no job security, anywhere?
State budget cuts mean New York's 76 zoos, botanical gardens and aquariums will lose $9.1 million in funding.
The recession may be coming to a zoo near you. State budget cuts mean many zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens will lose crucial state funding for their exhibits. New York's 76 zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens will lose $9.1 million in state funds next year.
"We're faced with this...

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Roadless Wilderness Area Determines Forest Elephant Movements in the Congo Basin

2008-11-01 - Bronx, New York, United States. Stephen Blake, Sharon L. Deem, Samantha Strindberg, Fiona Maisels, Ludovic Momont, Inogwabini-Bila Isia, Iain Douglas-Hamilton, William B. Karesh, Michael D. Kock

A dramatic expansion of road building is underway in the Congo Basin fuelled by private enterprise, international aid, and government aspirations. Among the great wilderness areas on earth, the Congo Basin is outstanding for its high biodiversity, particularly mobile megafauna including forest elephants (Loxodonta africana cyclotis). The abundance of many mammal species in the Basin increases with distance from roads due to hunting pressure, but the impacts of road proliferation on the movements...

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Forest elephants in the Mbeli River, Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park, Congo.

Forest elephants at risk from the illegal ivory trade

2007-04-02 - Bronx, United States. Natalie Bouaravong

A new study from Stephen Blake, Samantha Strindberg, Fiona Maisels, and colleagues warns that while savannah elephants may indeed be rebounding—in part because they live in countries with long histories of wildlife management, where protection is facilitated by open plains habitats and usually good infrastructure—their forest relatives, hidden in the Congo Basin rainforests, still face intense poaching pressure.

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Asian elephants Maxine and Patty in Bronx Zoo

At Bronx Zoo, an Elephant Exhibit"s End Plays Out in Elephant Time

2006-02-07 - Bronx, United States. JOSEPH BERGER

Elephants have never lost the capacity to astonish and delight. But in New York City in the not-so-distant future, they will not be doing their astonishing and delighting at a zoo. The Bronx Zoo, the only zoo left in the city that keeps elephants, said yesterday that it planned to shut down its exhibit after the death of two of its three elephants, or even one.

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3 Headlines about Elephants from Bronx2020-11-19 - Bronx, United States - Animal rights group urges court to recognize Bronx Zoo elephant as person 2007-04-02 - Bronx, United States - Forest elephants at risk from the illegal ivory trade 2006-02-07 - Bronx, United States - At Bronx Zoo, an Elephant Exhibit"s End Plays Out in Elephant Time

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