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'Jumbo Ghosts: The Dangerous Life of Elephants in the Zoo by Michael Schmidt
Jumbo Ghosts is about both the ancient and mysterious bond we have with elephants, and why/how we've broken that bond in our modern zoos.
Jumbo Ghosts is divided into three sections. Each chapter begins with bad news for elephants--followed by some good news. In the chapters in the first section, we look at the origins of our ancient and remarkable human-elephant bond--and at the origin of the dangers we've created for the elephants living in zoos.

In the second section, we take a detailed look at what makes life so dangerous for elephants living in modern zoos--and for the people who work with them.

In the final section, we look at new ideas for 21st Century zoos that will eliminate all of the dangers for elephants living in them, and that will permananetly mend our broken bond with these old, gigantic friends of ours.

About the Author
Michael Schmidt's interest in wild animals was kindled by a family membership in the local Zoological Society. During many visits spent observing animals in the zoo as a child, he formed a bond with wild animals that motivated him to choose a career as a zoo veterinarian.

Upon graduation from veterinary school in 1973, Dr. Schmidt became the veterinarian for the zoo in Portland, Oregon--a zoo world-famous for breeding elephants.

To meet the challenges presented by this unique breeding herd of zoo elephants, Dr. Schmidt spent 25 years as a zoo vet specializing in the care and breeding of elephants in zoos, later expanding his efforts to include timber elephants in Asia.

Dr. Schmidt's previously published writing about elephants includes numerous scientific papers as well as several magazine articles and book chapters, and co-autghorship with Roland Smith of the children's book entitled, In the Forest with the Elephants.


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